Every SEO campaign starts with choosing keywords to base your content on. Though they sound like simple phrases, you need to make sure you have excellent skills in selecting the best phrases for your content to appear on top of search results. SocialGreg recommends that you need to have the best intel regarding top-performing keywords and low-performing keywords so that you know exactly what to include in your content. Below are some of the tips to help you select the best keywords for your content.

Think Like a Customer or Audience

Ask yourself, if you were the customer, what terms would you search for to ensure you get information or products on your website. Besides what comes it your mind, find out other terms that could be used by the customers. With that in mind, you can have excellent keywords that will make your content perform excellently. Ask your friends as well, what they would search for if they wanted to get your products online. The responses you get should serve as the best example to ensure you have the best content that will be discoverable online.

Know Your Competition

No matter how excellent you are when it comes to keyword performance, you cannot ignore your competitors. Look at their best-performing keywords and try to adjust them slightly so that you also create wonderful content. You might be leaving some other things behind and at the same time you could be doing the wrong thing but through the competitor analysis, you will get all the details so that you create powerful campaigns. Take it slow, and outdo them one item after another because SEO requires strategic planning to ensure you don’t miss anything on the campaigns that you are making.

Always Use Long Tail Keywords

When you have the best long-tail keywords, you can be sure to increase the strength of your content. This is because long-tail keywords can give your content more discoverability and make you enjoy excellent outcomes. Long-tail keywords are only used in the center of the articles of the content and only once because you already have the main keyword. Take in mind that you need the best keyword planning tool so that you know how to appropriately place your keywords. If you are not sure of the keywords to use, make sure you use the keyword analysis tools so that you know the best kind of keywords to use. Always analyze your results so that you be in a position to tell whether you are moving forward or your campaigns are not effective.


Always make sure you have excellent keyword usage so that your content can rank high on search engines. You might have the appropriate keywords but poor utilization of the keywords could lead to you not getting the best outcomes. If you know that using keywords is a problem, make sure you use the best kind of professionals who can tell you what to do. Keyword optimization is as good as keyword finding.


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