Search engines use keywords to go through web pages and offer results to people using the internet. As an article writer or digital marketer, keyword usage is a skill worth mastering if you wish to appear on the top search results. SpotifyStorm recommends that you should use keyword analysis tools to get the best performing keywords. Once you get the keywords, learn how to arrange them based on the SEO trends at that very moment so that you don’t look outdated. Below are some of the keyword usage techniques that you should use to have excellent results.

How Many Keywords Are Needed in an Article?

It all depends on your article length but to be on the safe side, have one primary keyword and a secondary keyword. Secondary keywords can be more if you want and they should be used only once each. For primary keywords, it should only be one and its usage should not be more than 3 percent in density to avoid keyword stuffing.

Use Your Primary Keyword in Title Meta Description

A meta description is a summary of what the content is all about so search engines slowly crawl through it before even going to the main body. Placing the primary keyword in this section has always been overlooked but it is one of the most influential interventions. Since this section is only 25 characters or less, using your primary keyword is highly recommended.

On the title, it is important to include a keyword so that you enhance the discoverability of your content. This is the best way to ensure when search engine crawlers come across your content, you will easily be able to see it. Your content will appear on top of search results and give you more exposure.

Use keywords in the First 200 Words

The first 200 words are very essential in making sure your content is discoverable and as a result, it is important to use your keywords in this section. You can as well apply the secondary keywords in this section so that you enjoy excellent outcomes. Your primary keyword should come first before the secondary keyword in this section.

Keywords Should Be Used Naturally

When using keywords, don’t force them to be in places where they don’t fit. Just try as much as you can to make sure keywords fit well without any problem. You can always check keyword usage to see whether it is well utilized or not. fixing keywords where they don’t fit could lead to serious underperformance of your content. SpotifyStorm offers you the best advice that you should always read the sentence where you include your keyword to make sure it is naturally used before you write the next one.


Always make sure you put these keyword usage tips into account for you to have the best search engine results online. If you use keywords carelessly, you could end up losing a lot of fans because the content will remain submerged in other websites.

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