Things To Consider When Building a New House in North Carolina

Are you thinking about building a new house in North Carolina? It’s a huge decision, but it can also be an exciting adventure! Whether you’re planning on building from scratch or looking for new houses for sale, this article will provide you with things to consider throughout the process.


When considering your budget, come up with a number that includes both land and construction costs. When you get approved for the loan, make sure the down payment and the monthly payment fit well within your budget. 

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Create a furnishings budget to make sure you’re able to purchase furniture that complements your new home’s aesthetic. Consider the cost of furnishings like couches, window treatments, and decorations.

Create another budget for landscaping costs to make the outside of your home as beautiful and inviting as the inside. Consider the cost of the driveway, landscaping, and fencing. Factor in a deck and any outdoor furnishings like a firepit, patio furniture, or grill. 


Work with a realtor to help you find land. Make sure your budget is in line for that area. For example, if you decide to build a $900,000 home you’ll want to be in an area where the other homes sell for around that price so that you can get full value or more for your home if you decide to sell one day

Avoid land that is near a commercial building or highway. Busy streets cause loud road noise which can keep you up when you go to bed at night and hurt the resale value of your home.  

Test your commute. Go to the lot early in the morning and see how long it takes to drive to work or school so that you know what your potential commute will be like. Chat with the neighbors to see what they like and don’t like about the area.

Remember to have your builder walk through the land as well to look for any foundational issues that might affect their ability to build on the site.   


A well-placed built-in shelving system—such as bookcases grouped around an archway or a multimedia unit in the family room—can act as the room’s focal point. Consider the areas of your home that could use more storage, and then consult with your builder to see if there are any opportunities for custom shelving.


You can add an extra foot of height through a deep pour foundation to make your basement feel more open and inviting. You’ll need to talk to your builder about this early so they can account for it.


Under and in-cabinet lighting are both aesthetically pleasing and quite practical. Built-in options are frequently brighter and more attractive than buying adhesive lights that will likely fall down later. You can link your lights to the main switch to make them simpler to operate.


It can get chilly at night during North Carolina winters. Consider installing radiant heated floors, which have warming coils running underneath your floorboards. They can be turned on with a switch. This feature is a great way to stay cozy when you get up on cold nights.

Smart Home 

Smart heating and cooling systems and self-programmable thermostats can drastically cut your energy consumption. Smart doorbells, door locks, and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors can improve the security and safety of your home.

New Houses for Sale in North Carolina

Some people first contact an architect to draw up their dream house and then get bids from various builders. The problem is that the architect might not provide an accurate price for materials, causing over-budget bids. 

A better approach is to find a builder you like early in the process. Visit some of the new houses for sale they’ve constructed and get a feel for the kind of style and quality you can expect from working with them. 

Work side-by-side with your builder’s architects to design your home within your budget. This protects you from accepting a bid from a builder who promises cheaper prices but might provide cheaper quality materials that cost you more in the future due to needed repairs.

Building a new house is an exciting process that takes time and effort. It can be a smooth and enjoyable experience if you have a clear vision for your dream home and work with a reliable contractor who can bring it to life.

By Manali