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When in Dubai, missing visiting the theme park in Dubai implies you are losing on visiting a major attraction when here with your partner for your honeymoon. So, several theme parks range from classic theme parks to virtual gaming cafés. In Dubai, a couple will be spoilt for choices and discover several theme parks for their holiday, regardless of the kind of amusement they want.

This desert outpost has been converted into the world’s most recognized tourist destination with the addition of skyscrapers, shopping centers, and extravagant attractions. Hence, Dubai is now a honeymooner’s paradise. Furthermore, with the Dubai tour honeymoon package from Roaming Routes, you can enjoy the best of your honeymoon. So now let’s check the theme and adventure park in Dubai must visit while in Dubai.

Seven Theme Park In Dubai That Is A Must-Visit

1. The Aquaventure Water Park

The Aquaventure water theme park in dubai

The Aquaventure Water Park is an all-inclusive attraction. The popular waterpark is one of the biggest in the world, with 105 attractions and waterslides spread over three towers, watersports activities, marine, private beaches, and play spaces for children of all ages.

Several record-breaking coasters and activities like Shockwave and Blackout are available in the park. Furthermore, you may also attempt classic favorites like the Leap of Faith. So this 27.5-meter slide propels you through a transparent tube encircled by sharks and rays or experience other adrenaline-fueled activities like zip-lining throughout the neighborhood. This adventure park in Dubai is a must-visit for all couples willing to spice up their honeymoon.

Furthermore, visitors may swim safely alongside sharks or feed stingrays for a crazier experience. Among the top activities in Dubai is to experience and see lethal sharks up close. Participating in this activity is not necessary to be an expert swimmer. Put on the unique helmet, summon your courage, and approach near to the Sharks.

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2. Bollywood Park Dubai

Bollywoord theme park in dubai

Get a taste of Bollywood in the Mideast in this Bollywood theme park in Dubai. The world’s only amusement park exclusively portrays Bollywood culture’s beauty and charm. So in the Bollywood Park Dubai trip, experience the footsteps of the vibrant Hindi films that have always kept us joyful in the internationally renowned city of Dubai. Further with your loved ones, you would have a wonderful opportunity to see colorful performances of movies, entertainment, and even more in the park.

Additionally, the exhilarating rides, live performances, retail opportunities, and food alternatives make Bollywood Park Dubai a desirable location. There are so many options, from train rides to thrilling musical events, that you would never like to leave. Even if you are unfamiliar with many Bollywood films, you will enjoy the feeling of sheer adventure and enjoyment that their narratives provide.

3. Legoland Water Park

Legoland Water Park

The Legoland water park in Dubai is an enormous amusement park with over 40 exciting rides and attractions. So this theme park in Dubai features rides and attractions heavily influenced by LEGO city construction blocks. Moreover, it is a terrific spot to get away from hectic daily life. Further enjoy live performances, spectacular attractions, building workshops, and other family rides. Furthermore, you may beat the heat by immersing yourself in thrilling water rides.

4. Laguna Waterpark Dubai

Laguna Waterpark Dubai

The next theme park in Dubai, Laguna Waterpark, is Dubai’s finest attraction, designed to provide splashing fun for the entire family. Furthermore, this water park is the ideal complement to your schedule since it has over ten rides of varying excitement. The four themed regions and five major slides will increase your adrenaline rush when you encounter the journey. It offers several forms of entertainment, including an infinity pool lounge, lazy river, cabanas, children’s play area, beaches, and the greatest temperature-controlled water slides.

The establishment provides surf lessons on Saturdays, and the women can have a wonderful time at Lady’s Night on Thursdays. The greatest feature of this beachside location is that it is open 365 days annually. Therefore, Laguna Water Park is always accessible when visiting Dubai. Summer is often considered the greatest time to visit the delightful Laguna Water Park. The water spray will undoubtedly cool you down in the blazing summer heat.

So if you plan your honeymoon between the end of February and October, visit the place. Although the park is accessible throughout the year, the holidays are the best opportunity to spend some enjoyable hours here.

5. IMG Theme Park In Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure, a gigantic indoor theme park, is the ideal place for theme park enthusiasts who want to avoid the heat. Furthermore, It is the biggest indoor amusement park in the world! The park is separated into five unique “epic zones” representing various concepts and franchises. Furthermore, each zone offers a great deal to children and adults, whether they like roller coasters and thrills or want a more video-based experience.

Also, the Cartoon Network zone is very appealing to Americans. At IMG Boulevard, one may find numerous dining and shopping options, and the in-house Novo Cinemas offers a wonderful range of blockbuster films. For enhanced accessibility, wheelchairs and strollers are available for rent.

6. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai, one of the greatest family-friendly destinations and leisure brands, is a snow theme park in Dubai and is a unique concept.

At Ski Dubai’s Snow Park enjoy playing in the snow in the desert city! Furthermore, this 4,500-square-meter Snow Park provides tobogganing, sledding, and tower climbing opportunities. In addition to a spectacular indoor ice cave, there are other attractions for kids and adults. So this colossal architectural wonder provides several activities in Ski Dubai that make this location unimaginable and the best theme park in Dubai.

7. iFLY – Indoor Skydiving Experience

Discover the awe-inspiring feeling of free-falling flight to stimulate your adrenaline with this theme park in Dubai. Few sensations are stronger in the world for those with a daring spirit than flying. Hence, the iFLY Indoor Skydiving Experience comes into play. At this thrilling activity, which includes bungee jumping, skydiving, and base jumping, you may experience the thrill and awe of flight. Further, you will fall quite a distance via a vertical wind tunnel and experience an incredible ride on the way back down.

Final Say

So here is all about the theme park in Dubai that you may consider when honeymooning with your partner. Make sure to customize your Dubai honeymoon package with Roaming Routes and get the best experience.

By Manali