If you are from St Louis. From St. Louis or did you attend St. Louis? Louis is on the baseball team. Louis Cardinals for a very long time, the phrase “Whitey Ball” is a very well-known phrase Hall of Fame CEO, Whitey Scherzo adopted his nickname.

Whitey is a mentor who has maximized the talents of the current team. The team had no home runs before acquiring Jack Clark, so the team couldn’t rely on a big slam to win the game because there was just no energy in the team. So he developed a style of play known today as small ball, but later by the name of Whitey Ball.

So how do you play the small ball? The informal definition of small ball is the ability to act through a series of small events rather than one big action.

For example, hitting a home run solo can give you a run, a single player hit, some power, or a big ball.

The process for small balls is quite different,

he can start with a dough walk, then steal another plate, sacrifice the next dough and hit the runner on the third plate, with a third shot to the left square.

Each team won 1 race in this rotation, but in a very different way. The  파워볼 사이트 a type of strategy that has been used in baseball for nearly 100 years, if singles or walks keep runners on the base and then wait for a home run or another angel to move the pitcher into the hole. They think only Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle and Lou Gehrig are playing the immortal one-man show.

The idea of ​​stealing second base to reach the point and putting a runner on first base to reach the point was never considered, or if he did it was quickly thrown out because of the power of the steal. the butcher.

Discarding a well-established baseball skill set,

 Whitey ushered in a whole new era of play, proving his dominance in the World Series between the Cardinals and Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers are a great offensive machine and almost any player in the lineup can hit a home run at any time. Harvey Wall Banger He got his nickname because of the power of his leader and team.

St. Chasing the Louis Cardinals, their offensive scheme dominated the Milwaukee Dynamo with a time-consuming strategy, turning the small ball into a proper baseball strategy.

By Manali