For the first day of school, you can buy beautiful sugar bags (also called “school bags” or “craft bags”). These are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors with a wide variety of motifs.

What you need

It’s a lot of fun to make a bag yourself. Depending on your craftsmanship knowledge and skills, you can also fall back on blanks or craft sets. anova vacuum sealer review there is still enough room for creativity and design. What do you have to keep in mind?

Before you can start shopping for the accessories, you must first decide how big the bag should be. Or do you need several bags? Do you want craft sets, blanks, or rather material for “self-construction”? For the desired motifs, you have to look for templates on the Internet. Or buy appropriate stickers.

Which size makes sense?

Basically, all sizes are allowed. But to find the right craft supplies or accessories, it’s easier if you stick to standardized sizes. Especially if you have little experience with handicrafts and this is your first craft school bag.

In well-stocked Internet shops, you will find blanks and craft sets in all sizes. From the small ones with 25 cm to over 1 m in size.

Very important: The top protection

In order for the bag to hold really well in terms of filling and grip, the tip protection is very important. Therefore, for blanks and craft sets, pay attention to bags that have an integrated tip protection. The Roth company stands out, which has patented a red, glued-in wooden tip.

With the self-made bags, you can stuff the tip with newsprint. It is very important not to fill the bag with heavy things for all variants. Your child should not have to carry around a bag with the weight of a beer crate!

The homemade school bag

On the Internet you will find many suggestions on how best to make a school bag. These are available in different degrees of difficulty.

We give you a simple handicraft manual in two variants here:

1. What do you need to do handicrafts?

Clay paper/clay cardboard or sturdy cardboard (rollable) 80×80 cm. That depends on whether you prefer to cut out a template or roll up the bag from the entire box.

Crepe paper, tulle, gift ribbon, wrapping paper, scissors or cutter knives or adhesive strips, motifs for gluing and decorating.

How do you proceed?

First you make the bag

You can first cut out a “piece of cake” either from the clay paper as presented or with the help of a pencil and a cord (as a circular substitute). Base: 45 cm, then at a 90° angle upwards. To do this, you add an adhesive edge, so that you ultimately have to measure and draw 105°.

If it is too cumbersome for you, you work with the cardboard and roll it together into a bag. Then carefully cut off the protruding piece of the roll with scissors or a cutter to get a clean edge.

Both variants are carefully glued together.

Now you need a closure

From crepe paper, you now make a cuff around the bag. Carefully glue them around the edge on the outside. Some prefer to stick the cuff to the inside.reusable vaccum sealer that’s entirely up to you. If you don’t like crepe paper, just work with felt or tulle.

(When the bag is filled later, close the cuff at the top with a cord or a pretty ribbon.)

Finally, you can decorate the bag as you like or simply stick it with a pretty wrapping paper.


There are a lot of accessories for the bags. Which accessories you buy depends on your personal taste.

Some suggestions are:

  • Stands for sugar bags
  • Bows and rosettes
  • Name tags
  • 3D stickers
  • Napkins
  • Table pendants
  • Scatter decoration

By Manali