The Queen of Flow Season 2 Netflix Release Date

“The Queen of Flow” aired on Caracol Televisión in June 2018 and ran for eighty-two episodes by October that same year. This series was a hit at home and did well abroad, as this used to be the first Colombian manufacturing to win a global Emmy award for best soap opera.

During its first run, it was broadcast to almost eighty exceptional international locations. It reached a wide audience. When Netflix made it available on their platform, it resulted in even more popularity.

In light of such an outstanding first season, Caracol Televisión released a follow-up just this day on Instagram. COVID-19 has thus paused its production.

Now the whole thing is back on track, and fans can get ready for more of the reggaetón-driven tragedy. In this article is all we comprehend concerning The Queen of Flow season 2’s upcoming premiere date.

The queen of flow season 2

Release date for The Queen of Flow season 2

In October 2018, the series’ creators tested the resume of La Reina Del Flow, and on Monday, April twenty-sixth, 2021, the series’ second season premiered on Caracol Televisión.

Consequently, it is available in Colombia now, but not on Netflix. It has, however, created a great opportunity for La Reina Del Flow Season 2 to launch very quickly on Netflix. Hence, Netflix needs to make an official announcement about the same, which they haven’t done yet.

The Queen of Flow season 2 Cast

  • Irma “El Huracán” as played by Mariana Gomez
  • Carolina Ramírez being Yeimy Montoya
  • Diana Wiswell will act as Catalina Bedoya
  • Andrés Sandoval being Juan Camilo Mesa “Juancho”
  • Mariana Garzón as Vanessa Cruz Granados
  • Adriana Arango will play the role of Ligia de Cruz
  • Carlos Torres will play as Carlos Cruz “Charly Flow”
  • Pedro Ochoa being Búho
  • Lucho Velasco being Dúver Cruz “Manín”
  • Marcelo Dos Santos will act as Mike Rivera
  • Juan Palau being Drama Key
  • Pedro Roda being José Serna
  • Luna Baxter will act as Silvia Duarte
  • Juan Manuel Restrepo being Erik “Mateo” Cruz Montoya ‘Pez Koi’
  • Erik Rodríguez being Titano

The Queen of Flow season 2 Trailer

As of now, no trailer for Queen Of Flow season 2 is available. This post will be updated when new information becomes available.

The Queen of Flow season 2 Plot

In The Queen of Flow, 16-year-old Yeimy Montoya, a humble, proficient lady who loves city music, is the central character. According to her, she will become one of the greatest singers in the genre of creative mediums that the world has ever witnessed.

Sadly, she was not aware that her dream was illusory. Being betrayed by the person she relied on most trims her desires. The girl is in love with Charly, who turns out to be a complete fraud.

Rather than only taking her songs, he now gives her drugs in order to send her to the U.S. Her household is murdered under the drug mafia’s rules and she is sent to jail in New York.

With a vengeance deep-rooted in her brain, Yeimy begins again after 17 years. Her sole motivation now is to destroy all those who destroyed her life, along with her relatives.

Using a new name, Tamy Andrade, she stops Charly Flow’s career and transforms into a wealthy reggaeton artist. In the end, she becomes one amongst them, killing all her opponents.


There’s everything you need to know about The Queen Of Flow season 2 in this post; I hope you enjoy reading it. Don’t forget to check back soon for more news and updates!

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