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Before getting into the importance of a case study in education, it is worth explaining what it is. Any student or case study writer needs to know that it is made out of 3 parts. These three parts highlight the problem, outline the different solutions and provide results that show that particular services or products are the solutions to the addressed problem. 

Case Study Definition

Many case study writing services define it as a research method where questions are asked that enable someone to investigate how and why things happen. In an education setting. A case study is mainly for research and helps students explain various concepts.

Why is a Case Study Important?

A case study plays a very important role in education because it is considered a very good source of important information. It helps students bridge the gap between theory and practice which can get very confusing for some. Students have to know the main focus of a case study but those that want to get a top grade but are struggling can always reach out to online writing services for help. 

These days, thanks to technology, case studies can be presented through things like dialogue, narration, articles, films, and descriptions. Case studies can have different objectives which are to encourage decision-making, develop analytical thinking in students, motivate them, inspire them, and help them deal with different situations.

Benefits of a Case Study

Case studies are given to college and university students studying higher courses, and they have plenty of benefits. The most important thing is students can develop a whole host of skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, learning how to analyze things, and more.

Case studies are very comprehensive 

When a case study is conducted properly, a researcher can have a holistic review using a wide range of tools. This gives them time to develop an in-depth understanding of a topic and opens the door to further investigation to expand the topic further.

Case studies eliminate bias 

According to many professional writing services, writers can be biased when it comes to their analysis of a topic. Case studies eliminate this by providing a fresh look at a topic from multiple angles. There are no agendas as there isn’t a single point of view on a topic but several

5 Tips to Write a Case Study from Scratch

  1. Decide on the question. In very much the same way essays heavily rely on a good topic, case studies need very good research questions. It is up to a student or a hired online essay service to come up with compelling questions that will make readers want to go through the content. Boring questions will often make readers lose interest in the case, but well-thought questions will keep readers engaged in what the case study has to say.
  2. Establish the appropriate data collection methods. Students need to decide on the best way to get college data and this can be through primary or secondary sources. The difference between the two is that secondary data is something that is already out there and can be found in books, articles, newspapers, magazines, blogs, reports, and more. Primary data, on the other hand, is information that isn’t readily available and has to be collected by the person writing the case study. This can be through group interviews, one on one interviews, surveys, questionnaires, seminars, and observations.
  3. Analyze and evaluate data collected. Once all the data has been successfully collected, the analysis process can begin. Students can use either qualitative methods or quantitative methods or both. The method that a student chooses according to services to analyze and evaluate data should depend on the amount and the quality of information they have as picking the wrong method can have disastrous results.
  4. Produce the case study. When all the information is collected and a student has everything they need, they can begin writing their case study. If they opt to hire an academic essay writing service, they can provide their findings to a reliable essay writing service to ensure they produce a good quality paper. If a student is struggling or lacking in ideas, many online legit paper writing services are more than happy to produce a paper from scratch.
  5. Proofread before submission. Before any content is submitted, a student needs to proofread it whether they wrote it by themselves or hire a professional essay writing service to write it for them. Producing an error-free paper is nearly impossible and mistakes do happen and that is why proofreading is important plus it is also a good way to find out if a paper will be flagged for plagiarism. 

Stealing other people’s work and presenting it as the original content is wrong and students can get in trouble if they are caught cheating. There are websites and programs out there like Grammarly and TurnItIn that students can use to see how original their paper is.

Some Challenges of Case Studies

  1. Gaining participants permission. Not many participants are comfortable taking part in case studies unless their identity is kept a secret. It can be tricky to get their permission however if they are told that information will be kept private and won’t be shared with third parties, many people are more than happy to participate.
  2. Case studies can be time consuming. Whether it is primary or secondary data one chooses to collect, it will take up much of their time. If they opt for secondary data, even if it is already available and easier to analyze, with so much on it, one will have to shift through thousands of pages to find what they want. 

With primary data, planning and conducting interviews can also be time-consuming plus incentives will have to be offered so that people can take part which can also add cost on top of time.

Final thoughts

Overall it is important to acknowledge the role that case studies play in the academic world and this article does a great job talking about that. It looks at some challenges writers face when putting this type of content together like time and gaining permission from participants. At the time down how a case study is written from start to finish and if a student follows the steps above, they will produce a top-quality one each time. Also, above are the benefits of a case study which are being comprehensive and eliminating biases.

By Manali