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Make your own spelling list or practice spelling words. Grade One Spelling Tests will put your vocabulary to the test. These lists’ vocabulary terms will feature in the spellquiz.com spelling tests. After going through the online website, I was pleasantly delighted. 

  1. Playing Word Games

Online websites’ expertise is word games. Only a few online learning platforms offer an extensive collection of word games. These games have been the driving force behind online websites’ immense popularity since their start.

2. Personalized Education

Many teachers and schools use an online website to train young brains. Teachers might make personalized word lists for their students to utilize in class. This enables teachers to take full use of the web’s flexibility and accessibility. Such a customized teaching style can be beneficial to kids. 

  1. Complete Spelling Lessons for Grades K-12

Spelling city has a huge selection of words suitable for kindergarten through grade 12. The word lists include sight words, academic vocabulary, and phrases from other subjects such as literature, math, science, and social studies.

  1. Utilization of Multiple Platforms

Web browsers, smartphone applications, and tabs may all be used to access the platform. As a result, teachers and students can profit from the use of any intelligent electronic device.

  1. Learning in a Flipped Classroom

It’s one of the online website’s unique but lesser-known features. You may teach in a new way using the Flipped Classroom feature. Teachers may give students offline tasks on various topics relating to spelling and vocabulary to engage them in learning activities outside of the classroom.

  1. Reports

Parents and teachers must monitor their children’s growth. Online websites allow them to keep track of the kids’ development in a different window.

What Makes SpellQuiz a Good Online Website Company Choice?

SpellQuiz, as you may know, is a newer website than an online website, but it has a number of things that an online website does not.

What exactly are these features?

  1. Tester of Vocabulary

First and foremost, learners may learn their present language level right away. They can set a personal learning rate with the vocabulary exam. Furthermore, it clarifies how one should begin their spelling practice. It’s a one-of-a-kind feature that no other learning platform offers right now.

2. The Most Detailed Spelling Quizzes

After that, there are the spelling exams. Yes, practically every other online spelling platform includes this option. However, SpellQuiz provides the most extensive collection of tests. In addition, there are two sorts of spelling lessons: exercises and lessons.

3. Spelling Bee Special Lessons

The Spelling Bee practice area is a unique feature. SpellQuiz offers Spelling Bee classes, advanced spelling lessons for students of all grades. These courses include increasingly complex and sophisticated words, preparing a user for the Spelling Bee competition. 

4. The Simple Way to Learn Sight Words

A learner can learn sight words in two ways using SpellQuiz: by examining the whole list of sight words or by utilizing the listen-type-spell technique.

5. Adult ESL students receive special attention.

SpellQuiz recognizes the agony and hardship that ESL students face. As a result, we offer a section dedicated to adults to practice spelling English words. 

6. Tutorials Through Video

SpellQuiz offers a video library where relevant movies are added to improve the user experience. These tutorials will assist users in getting the most out of SpellQuiz and learning to spell more quickly.

7. Spelling Bee Online (SBO)

SBO is SpellQuiz’s newest feature, allowing users from all around the world to compete in a virtual Spelling Bee in real-time. Furthermore, the SBO component is free to make it more accessible. All you have to do now is type in your name and begin playing!

8. Beyond the Basics of Spelling

SpellQuiz includes various questions on areas other than spelling to make the learning process more enjoyable. It will enable the user to have fun while learning about various topics.

9. Improved Analysis

As I have stated, the online website’s progress tracking tools are inadequate. SpellQuiz, on the other hand, can provide more quantitative information about a student’s development. 

10. Ad-Free Interface with No Clutter

The sleek user interface is one of SpellQuiz’s most vital features. No commercial may divert a student’s attention away from their studies. The website’s navigation is straightforward. Furthermore, the features of SpellQuiz are simple to comprehend.

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