Cigar holds an ancient charm, making it more of a hobby, rather than a lifestyle. You might puff a high-quality cigar, once in a blue moon, during celebratory occasions. But do you know what makes one a premium choice? Which cigar is the best to get your hands on? 

The easiest way to buy the best cigar is to educate yourself about them. Visit an online cigar shop and look through the various options to make a purchase. Having knowledge about different types of cigars is important to decide which one would be the best for you. 

Here are some basics that can help you understand cigars better. 

Are Big Cigars the Best? 

Is bigger the best? 

Cigas are measured through their diameter, length and ring guage. Over the passage of time, large ring gaugae cigars have grown massively in popularity as they have better value. But the real reason for their fame is their longevity. 

Big cigars offer a longer and cooler smoke than the smaller ones. Thus, the experience is lengthy and quite enjoyable. Remember, puffing on your cigar is not a race. Sit down and takr your time to enjoy the luxury of it. Therefore, if you love a cooler and longer smoke, then a big cigar wouldn’t fail to impress you.  You can also get bulk cigars online from reputable places like online liquidation sales etc. 

Body of the Cigar:

The body of the cigar is directly linked to its strength. Full boided cigars are best for men who have been smoking them for some time now. They are extremely strong and are not good for newbies to begin with. 

If you are a beginner in the world of cigars, then opt for a cigar which offers a mild experience. Do not feel the urge to boost the strength up immediately. It might not suit you. Remember, smoking a mild cigar doesn’t make you any less of a man. Don’t be impressed by the uncles of your family to opt for full boided cigar. Go slow and steady. You can start building up the strength of your smoking experience by rolling cigarettes with natural tobacco wraps, and then gradually switching to mild cigars.

Shapes to Look for:

Should you look for specific shapes when shopping for a cigar? The shapes of a cigar are better termed as vitolas. There are two basic categories, i.e. regular and irregular vitola. 

Can the shape of the cigar have an impact on its flavour? Well, just a tad bit. The diameter of the top of the cigar defines the taste. Thus, studying the shapes a bit might help you choose the one that suits your requirements. 

How to Identify a Bad Cigar?

Many might assume that price is the basic determinant of the quality of a cigar. Have a look at the product closely. Is it dry or cracked? Inspect it visually. Also take advice from the tabaccoist you are shopping from. 


A close insight to cigars before buying, can help you choose the best one. 

By Manali