Early this morning, The Boys fans were caught off guard when they tried to find the latest episode on Amazon Prime. Season 3, Episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan” was scheduled to be available on Amazon at 12:01 GMT on June 10, and 5:45 PST for those in the U.S., or 8:05 EST on June 9. Today, however, this didn’t go as planned.

While some people were able to watch the new episode of The Boys on their computers, many others couldn’t. The episode was not available on Amazon for most of the viewers. Some people took to Twitter to contact Amazon Help, who replied to several with something along the lines: “We appreciate your interest in this series. Keep checking Amazon Prime Video for more updates.

Eric Kripke (creator of The Boys TV series) tried to make fun of the situation despite the frustration it caused. He tweeted, “Turns Out there’s been some technical issues at Vought+. I mean @PrimeVideo. They are working quickly to get Ep 4 out to everyone. Adam Bourke is working on it so there’s nothing to worry about. Apologies.”

Kripke refers to Bourke, who is a minor character in P.J. Byrne is the director of a dramatic film called DAWN FOR THE SEVEEN.

The show finally appeared after fans waited patiently, and sometimes impatiently, for hours. While some may have taken the time to browse other Amazon offerings, others probably only wanted to watch The Boys. It seems that the episode was available for nearly everyone at 9 a.m. EST on June 10. The official Twitter account for the series tweeted the news: “Thanks for waiting, know you’ve been hitting that refresh button as mad.”

Some people had to wait for around 12 hours to view Season 3 Episode 4 of The Boys, based on the time it was supposed to be released and the actual date. After the crisis was averted Kripke tweeted, “Let us always remember the night Jensen Ackles’ sex broke Amazon.”

We hope that next week’s episode of The Boys will go a lot smoother.

By Manali