PDF files are a daily used format now and everyone in the office should know how to deal with them. Organizing PDF pages become a basic feature of PDF tools. When you want to insert a page, remove a page, extract a page from PDF, then you will find that UPDF is very helpful in that.

What Actions UPDF Support to Organize PDF Pages

UPDF features a complete organizing tool for PDF documents, where the diversity of options makes it easy for you to manage and edit documents freely. You are not restricted to working with the documents, where you can compile documents to develop perfect inscriptions. To know more about what kind of functions are offered on UPDF, let’s find out the list of organizing tools provided by the PDF editor:

  • You can rotate the PDF documents in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
  • Easily extract the specific PDF page or pages from a large document to save that as a separate PDF.
  • If you are not satisfied with something in a PDF report, you can have it immediately replaced with another PDF page.
  • Add more pages to the PDF document if you are looking to add content.
  • Reorder the structure of the complete PDF document.
  • Crop the huge PDF pages that are taking up unnecessary space and can be cut short.
  • To make the navigation of documents easier, you can split large documents into smaller sections.

We will now be looking into the guide on how you can perform different organizing functions on UPDF as follows:

1. How to Rotate Pages in UPDF

As you access the “Organize Pages” section from the left after opening the PDF on UPDF, the complete canvas for organizing the PDF document opens. You must select any specific page from the PDF and use the “Rotate clockwise” or “Rotate counterclockwise” button on the top panel to easily rotate the document pages.

2. How to Extract Pages in UPDF

If you wish to extract a page or pages in UPDF, the process is quite simple. With the PDF opened on UPDF and leading to the “Organize Pages” section, select a specific page. You can select multiple pages by holding the “CTRL” key on Windows and the “Command” key on Mac and selecting the pages of the PDF. Click on the “Extract” button to save the document on your device after setting up its location.

3. How to Replace Pages with Another PDF

To replace the pages with another PDF document, you can select the page or pages in the PDF document. After selecting the pages, select “Replace” from the top panel to import the PDF document with which you want to replace it. To keep note of the fact, if you have selected two pages to replace, the first two pages of the other PDF document will be replaced in the original PDF file.

4. How to Insert Pages to UPDF

Since you want to insert pages to a PDF document using UPDF, you need to be in the “Organize Pages” section. To insert a page in the document, select the “Insert” button on the top and select “Blank Page…” from the options. A new page will be added in the last. If you wish to add a specific PDF document, select “From File…” and import a PDF document. However, if you want to insert the pages midway through the PDF, you must select the page after which you want to insert the document and proceed with the same process described above.

5. How to Reorder Pages in PDF

To reorder pages in a PDF document, you have to drag and drop the pages to your required positions while being in the “Organize Pages” section. There is nothing else that you have to do while reordering the pages in the PDF document.

6. How to Crop PDF Pages

This option is only available on UPDF for Mac for now. As you open the document on your Mac, lead to the “Crop Pages” tab from the left. As you select the “Options” button, a panel on the right opens. Define the margins and other important properties for cropping the document. Select the “Apply Changes” button to specify the page ranges. You can also select the option of cropping the margins of the PDF or page box of the document. Once done, you must click on “Crop” to execute the process.

7. How to Split PDF Pages

The process of splitting pages in a PDF document is a matter of seconds. While you open the document on UPDF and direct to the “Organize Pages” section, you will have to select the option of “Split” from the top menu. You must provide the documents that you want to split the document into. On mentioning the number of pages after which you want to split a PDF, UPDF will show the number of PDFs that will be created with it. Click “Split” and lead to the next window to work on the location of the split documents on your device.

UPDF is a simple and secure offline PDF organizer available for Windows and macOS devices. UPDF is not only a PDF organizer.  It is also like a one-stop destination for all sorts of PDF conversion and associated functions. With UPDF, you can convert a PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, CSV, JPG, TXT, HTML, XML, and PNG files. It also comes with a built-in OCR scanner that helps convert scanned PDFs into searchable and editable PDFs and it supports 38 languages. 

By Manali