Since the summer holidays are not far off, both the children and their folks are excited about their next travel destination. However, acknowledging all the basic rules and regulations of that state is of pivotal importance. Like the New UAE labour law in 2022, the city’s continuously overflowing with new guidelines regarding anything in general. Amazingly, countries like Dubai are pretty severe with implementing their regulations. And you must know that breaking off the tiniest law will make you suffer awful consequences. 

The city’s filled with some of the strangest ways of getting fined or arrested. Let’s determine the major laws of Dubai and what you’ve to avoid during your stay here. 

Swearing in public isn’t allowed:

Swearing in public is strictly forbidden in Dubai, and it can get you behind bars for up to a year with a hefty fine of 10 thousand dirhams. The rule applies to social media platforms, too, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and so on, as it violates the UAE cyber laws. Likewise, showing a middle finger to someone even casually goes against the laws and can cause your deportation from the state. 

Peeking into someone’s smartphone:

Privacy of citizens has given quite a significant position in Dubai. And according to the laws, invading someone else’s privacy through social media or any gadget can lead to harsh imprisonment of 6 months and a fine of up to 5 lakh dirhams. If we recap a few years back, a lady in 2016 was sentenced to jail as she secretly transferred snaps from her spouse’s smartphone via Whatsapp. 

Snacking in Public Transport:

It’s comically insane, yet drinking and snacking in public transport, metros, and pedestrian crossings is yet another crime that would take you to a fine of 100 dirhams. In addition, poppy seeds are banned as well, so if you’re carrying any snack containing poppy seeds as an ingredient, then you can land in jail. 

Accessing someone’s phone without consent:

Again, accessing someone else’s phone without having their consent is first referred to as a grave violation of one’s privacy. As the cyber laws in the UAE, imprisonment of six months and a hefty fine will be imposed for taking pictures of strangers without having permission. Also, several tourists have been deported previously for this violation. 

Gossiping about others:

While spreading a tidbit of gossip here and there isn’t ethically correct, Dubai has taken it seriously. It appears to be one of the vaguest laws, yet gossiping and spreading rumors about an individual are considered as invading someone’s privacy and can harm national security. As a result, it can cost you up to 3 years of imprisonment with 1 million dirhams. 

Having dual Nationality:

You might be unaware but UAE doesn’t accept occupants with dual nationality. While new-born Emirati fathers can reflexively acquire the UAE citizenships at birth and can enter the premises with passports. Yet, dual nationality isn’t viable in the country, and your passport will be seized, if caught. In contrast, UAE nationals might have to follow some special obligations by the court. 

The takeaway:

There’s no denying that Dubai makes the best spot to live, work and travel. Therefore, it wouldn’t put on a show of being a secret that the set of laws here is equally competent. With the abundance of professional lawyers in Dubai, you can always dispose of horrendous circumstances eventually. In any case, anticipating all the essential regulations before arriving here would be a wise call.

By Manali