Telegram is a messaging app(电报App) that has been around for over five years. The app boasts over 200 million active monthly users, and it’s widely used in countries like Iran, where the government imposes strict restrictions on internet access. Telegram has also become popular with crypto enthusiasts because of its emphasis on privacy—the company doesn’t store user data, doesn’t require phone numbers to register accounts (though you can provide one if you want), and doesn’t monitor conversations unless served with a court order.

But perhaps what makes Telegram unique among messaging apps is its ability to translate messages into any language using Google Translate or DeepL AI engines. And now, according to TechCrunch, Telegram is enhancing this functionality by making translation updates within 60 seconds of receiving a message so there’s no delay in being able to understand what your friends are saying while traveling abroad or communicating with someone who speaks another language at work or school…

Translated via DeepL and Google translator

The DeepL translator utilizes neural machine translation technology, which is more accurate than Google’s statistical machine translation technology. Google’s product uses a large corpus and statistical analysis to match words in different languages. DeepL relies on neural networks that are trained using human-generated data, giving it an edge over Google Translate in terms of accuracy. However, the difference between the two products comes down to speed: DeepL delivers translations within seconds while Google takes several minutes for a single sentence — especially if you’re translating longer messages!

Translation updates within 60 seconds of receiving a message

One of the most critical updates is that translations will be updated as soon as you receive a message and not take a few minutes to update. This means that if you send someone a translation and they then send you a message, your translation will be updated in real-time.

There has also been an improvement made to the way that translations work within Telegram X on iOS 11 – it now works much better when dealing with lots of new languages being added or removed. Previously, it would take some time for these changes to take effect but now they happen much quicker than before!

Maintains formatting in translations

If a message is translated, you’ll see the original language at the bottom of your screen when viewing translations. You can still see the entire conversation in both languages and switch between them easily by tapping on either one.

Supports over 100 languages

Telegram(Telegram软件) supports over 100 languages in both directions. Google Translate translates English, Spanish, French and Italian. DeepL Translator translates English, German, Russian and French. Both translate English into Arabic and Chinese (Simplified).

In general: if the two sides speak different languages then they can use Telegram’s built-in translation feature to help them understand each other more easily!

Translation mode allows you to translate messages by tapping on them

Tap on a message to translate it.

Tap on the translated message to see the original.

The translation bubble allows you to toggle between both languages and also allows you to view more translations of the same text.

Works with all chats, including secret chats and channels

With Telegram 4.7, you can now translate messages in any chat, including secret chats and channels. Previously this was only possible for group chats. You can also translate messages with the help of a bot or another user by “@-ing” them in a chat. That way, you can translate private chats with your friends into more than 50 languages—and vice versa!

Telegrams can help you understand what happened

To use the translation feature, you need to make sure that your Telegram app is updated to the latest version and that you’ve installed the language pack for the group chat in question. You can find out how to do so here:

Once you’ve done those things, just tap on a message written in a language other than English or Spanish (the only languages available at launch) and choose “Translate.” The translation will appear as an inline message above your original one.


If there are multiple different languages used in a single group chat or channel (like if three people were speaking Dutch while another person was speaking German), Telegram will automatically detect this situation and show you translations of all messages sent by members of the group or channel into their native tongue—all without having to leave the conversation!

The feature works similarly across channels, secret chats, and group chats alike; however, due to limitations imposed by Apple’s iOS operating system, it’s not possible for now for users on Android devices running Lollipop 5+.

Sum up

If you’re looking for the perfect app to help you communicate with others in their native language, Telegram is your best bet. Its easy-to-use interface makes it simple for anyone to use and even has a translation mode that will let you translate messages without leaving the chat window!

By Manali