Stephen Deleonardis well known by his Twitter handle SteveWillDoIt is an American 23 year old YouTuber as well as an Instagram celebrity and influencer with a net worth of around $4 million. His birth year was 1998. He is popular for his pranks and video challenges. Like the name of his social media account implies, he will perform anything that people would like him to. He is known because of his Instagram challenges such as consuming the entire bottle of vodka within a brief period of time.

He began posting his challenge videos in May of 2017 when he would post his challenging videos to Instagram. In the following months, he switched over to YouTube and launched his channel. In this article we’ll provide you with information about Stephen Deleonardis’s net worth, earnings, salary, as well as some other information about Stephen Deleonardis. So, let’s get started.

SteveWillDoIt Net Worth

  • Full Name: SteveWillDoIt
  • Net Worth: $4 Million
  • Age: 23
  • Country: United States
  • Born: August 26, 1998
  • Salary: $250,000
  • Last Updated: 2022

SteveWillDoIt Net Worth Growth

  • Net Worth in 2022 $4 Million
  • Net Worth in 2021 $3.2 Million
  • Net Worth in 2020 $3 Million
  • Net Worth in 2019 $2.5 Million
  • Net Worth in 2018 $1 Million

Early Life

Steve was born on August 26, 1997 in Florida, USA. His zodiac symbol is Virgo. He was a student at a local, private school located in Florida before beginning working as a web celebrity who became famous. He didn’t go to university. At the time of his 2021 birthday the year he was born, he is living within LA, California. He stands 5’9 feet tall. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Deleonardis. He has one sister and one brother.


Steve creates content as well as an Instagram actor, YouTuber and model. He began creating videos in 2017. He began posting his videos of challenges on Instagram. In the future, he launched the channel on YouTube , ‘SteveWillDoIt’. On his channel, you can find videos where he is seen consuming huge quantities of cannabis or eating. He uploads the entire challenge video to YouTube and not only the videos that are short that are on Instagram reels.

Furthermore, he’s an affiliate of NELK entertainment which is which is a Canadian YouTube channel that is famous for its pranks. The most watched content on the channel is around 10 million views. The video is entitled “I handcuffed Brad Martyn, then tore darts in his gymnasium’. The account on Instagram has about Instagram account has around 1.8million followers. He is extremely active on Twitter with about 30k followers.

Steve was a hot topic in the year 2019 after Demi Lovato was critical of some of his video clips in which the actor was seen drinking alcohol in large quantities. This wasn’t a good thing for Steve and led to an uneasy relationship between them. Demi Lovato decided to shut him down. Steve was then able to get their faces tattooed across his lower thigh. Steve was again in the spotlight during July when rapper 6ix9ine presented him with the limited edition McLaren MSO X. In October 2021 Steve and Celina returned to the spotlight after they were reunited.

Personal Life

Steve’s Instagram bio states that he’s the most healthy man on the planet. This is a clear indication that he’s the ultimate fitness fan. He is extremely close to his father, and posted a tweet about the time he helped make his parents financially free when he was just 22 years old by gifting them the dream car and all the things they desired. For anyone who is familiar with or follows Steve it’s not a mystery that the Youtuber is in an off and on affair with high school love interest Celina.

She was on the spotlights after being mentioned in his Instagram account and YouTube channel. Celina is an hopeful Instagram model, and is an extremely well-known person in the world of Only fans. Although she is from Puerto Rican origin, she is from LA. The couple split after there were rumors that Celina having a relationship with Steve. In an upcoming YouTube video, he revealed Celina as his new girlfriend. Fans are now happy that they’ve bonded once more. The news is a hit with his followers and his fans.

Favorite Things

  • Favorite Actor: Robert Downey Jr.
  • Favorite Actress: Not Know
  • Favorite Singer: Not Know
  • Favorite App: YouTube
  • Favorite Game: N/A
  • Favorite Food: Not Know
  • Favorite Song: Not Know
  • Favorite Sportsman: Neymar
  • Favorite Movie: Don’t Know
  • Favorite Cricketer: Rohit Sharma
  • Favorite Footballer: Neymar
  • Favorite TV Show: Not Know
  • Hobbies: Driving


  • Net Worth: $4 Million
  • Name: SteveWillDoIt
  • Age: 23
  • The height: (1.7 m)
  • Weight: 65KG (Approx)
  • Profession: YouTuber
  • Date Of Birth: August 26, 1998
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Income: $250,000 USD (Annual)
  • Spouse: N/A

Wealth Dependency

Steve is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million. The primary source of income comes from his video challenge he creates on different platforms, including YouTube. His YouTube channel has more than 3 million users. His first YouTube video was entitled “I will take over YouTube and he uploaded it in June of 2019. The video received more than 100,000 views. Additionally, he makes money working for NELK entertainment.

He earns money as a result of sponsorships, brand agreements as well as paid collaborations and numerous other things. He owns several expensive vehicles. He also hosts giveaways, where he presents costly gifts for his followers and subscribers. He also gave an Tesla Model X to one of his followers.


At the time of writing, Stephen Deleonardis has an estimated net worth of $4 million, which he mostly earns via his YouTube channel as well as various social media platforms. The actor also earns money through different sponsorships and brand endorsements. He’s been on the news recently since he got back together with his long-time partner Celina. His income per year is estimated to be close to $250,000 USD.

By Manali