An outdoor BBQ grill, whether gas or charcoal, is an extension of your kitchen outside. You want the BBQ grill to be in perfect working condition like your other kitchen appliances. According to Forbes, microwaves, ovens, fridges, grills, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, and dishwashers are critical components of a well-functioning household. An important thing you could do for proper care of all these kitchen appliances, especially your BBQ grill is to buy a good cover for ultimate protection. 

You must have spent a good amount of money and time choosing the grill. So, it is logical to take good care of it and help it stay in pristine condition for many years to come. You cannot place your grill exposed to the harsh elements outdoors without a cover to protect it. Remember that grill covers are vital and integral grill accessories.

Some FAQs about BBQ Grill Covers

Should you consider covering your BBQ grill?

It is a vehement yes. You do not have the option of not safeguarding your grill from the harsh elements outdoors. You will have to pay for the consequences if you ignore the importance of using a proper cover for your grill. One of the consequences is that your BBQ grill will start rusting. It is a pretty stressful and challenging task to clean a rusted grill. Moreover, it presents a few health hazards too. Smoking your meat directly on a rusty surface could mean consuming it with some rusty particles. 

What are the reasons to use a BBQ grill cover? 

BBQ grill covers are best for protecting your grill from natural phenomena like rain, snow, moisture, and wind that may result in undesirable corrosion. Grill covers are best for protecting your grill from dirt and dust. The outdoor BBQ grill may attract insects or pests if left uncovered. These insects will lick the leftover food particles and may build their home inside your grill. It could be unhygienic and unsafe. It is best to use a proper grill cover to keep these elements at bay. 

Your BBQ grill may start fading because of constant sun exposure. It may rust due to prolonged exposure to moisture, rain, or snow. You can use a cover to prevent any such adverse reactions. Moreover, the bottom of the BBQ grill acts as a mini chamber for storing wood or charcoal. By using waterproof BBQ covers, you can protect them from moisture, rain, and snow effectively. 

What is the perfect fabric for a BBQ grill cover?

Three types of fabrics are best for BBQ grill covers. You may choose the perfect one as per your unique requirements and preferences. Vinyl BBQ grill covers are waterproof and offer sufficient protection from dampness and moisture throughout the rainy season. Polyester BBQ grill covers are lightweight and versatile. 

Polyester grill covers may be perfect for diverse weather conditions. The fabric boasts of a sturdy construction hence, polyester grill covers are durable and may be used over a prolonged or extended period without any worries of damage. Moreover, polyester material is chemically treated for developing utmost resistance to sunlight and water. Canvas grill covers are strong, and resistant to diverse weather conditions. They are usually fireproof and are more cost-efficient than polyester covers.

Do you need to cover your BBQ grill in winter?

Yes. A cover helps to safeguard your grill from intense winter moisture or snow. 


Use high-quality and well-fitted covers for utmost care and protection of your expensive BBQ grill. You can now go on a grilling spree whenever you are in the right mood without any worries.

By Manali