Being an entrepreneur owning a cannabis dispensary in a small town means you will have a smaller market while at the same time facing stiff competition. However, with better marketing strategies, you can have a competitive advantage as you can reach a broader market than your competitors. However, you should ensure that the marketing strategies you apply are economical while at the same time giving you a hundred percent return. You have to understand your market by evaluating specific needs and gaps that you can meet. The following article will discuss various effective marketing strategies you can adapt to market your cannabis dispensary in a small town. 

Here are Marketing Tips to Consider  

Design Web 

A website can be a very effective strategy to market your hash product. However, it would be best to consider the importance of Search Engine Optimization as it will give you an upper hand whenever a person is searching for a cannabis dispensary. You can improve your discoverability through eye-catching hashtags, content, key phrases, touchdown pages, and running a blog. Provide clear directions and a description of your dispensary, making it easy for a potential client to locate you. 


After Google, YouTube is the second most preferred site by most people to search for specific data and information. Through the creation of educational content, you can market your cannabis dispensary. For example, you educate people on the various health benefits of using cannabis products, then direct them to your dispensary where they can get the products. You can also use short videos describing your products and where they can find your dispensary. When describing the location of your dispensary, you should ensure you give an easily reachable or recognizable place or region. It would be best if you also used enticing language and phrases that can easily be searched for and found. The best way to start YouTube marketing is by creating a channel where you can share your content with millions of potential clients. 

Sign Post or billboard 

A cannabis dispensary in a smaller town with many retailers will require your high IQ and creativity to attract more clients and sustain your business amidst the stiff competition. Therefore, you can make your cannabis easily discoverable by designing a poster or a billboard and installing it where most people can see and get clear information about your dispensary. You will likely entice and attract more clients to your dispensary. However, before installing a signpost or a billboard, you must inquire from the local authority. 

Leverage social media 

In contemporary society, the media is running the world. Therefore, social media platforms can create and cultivate your brand awareness. Though some social media platforms limit the advertisement of cannabis products, you can still create user-generated content and self-promotion posts that can help your dispensary gain a foothold in your area. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Email Marketing 

Since cannabis is illegal in most states, online paid promotion can be difficult as it may be regulated. However, Email marketing is a perfect marketing strategy that can help you reach many consumers without raising any alarm. Email market allows you to start a conversation with all consumers who may be curious about your products and the cultivated consumer, enhancing your Customer Relationship Management list. You can use email to inform your customers about various deals and offers you have in-store and ongoing and upcoming events you are participating in and how they can benefit from them. While using email marketing, ensure that you have a consistent schedule to create and maintain a conversation with your consumers to avoid burdening them with messages. You also need to understand your audience.

Strategic Partnerships 

Strategic Partnering with brands that are cannabis-friendly or other re-known cannabis brands can boost your dispensary awareness while at the same time improving your brand’s perception. For example, you can partner your dispensary with a local ice cream shop near your dispensary. While partners, you can consider coming up with enticing offers or deals such as discounts that will capture the consumers’ attention. You can also increase your digital marketing through the partnership by promoting the products on both partners’ accounts. This improves product awareness while at the same time attracting consumers to both locations. Since most states have been legalizing cannabis, individual perspectives have been changing positively, and hence most brands are now ready and willing to partner with cannabis dispensaries. 

Local and Industry Oriented Publications 

While most mainstream publications do not advertise cannabis-related products, there are still a few local publications that can promote and enhance brand awareness. There are local cannabis-specific and complementary journals that can be used for promoting your product and enhancing awareness of your dispensary. You can reach your potential clients within your dispensary area with local city magazines which are typically unrestricted. One advantage of using local publications is that you are likely to get many people within your area and can easily entice them to visit your dispensary.  

Wrapping Up 

Though the promotion and advertising of cannabis products are still restricted, there are still some better platforms and strategies you can adopt to promote your dispensary in a small town. Your creativity and aggressiveness in the marketing world will determine your success. 

By Manali