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Should I replace my HVAC system or repair it? This is a pretty common question that most people living in Virginia ask. However, to answer this question, hold on; you need to consider certain factors. One of the most significant factors of all is the age of the unit. It has been observed that an air conditioner lasts around 15 to 20 years, a heat pump lasts for 16 years, and furnaces last for 15 to 20 years. The HVAC systems need regular maintenance from HVAC Solutions Fairfax VA to be efficient. However, no matter how much maintenance you do of your HVAC system, there will be a time when you will have to let the unit go. If you decide to get the repair done, repair costs may be equivalent to purchasing a new unit.

Should You Replace Or Repair Your HVAC System?


This should be your primary concern. If your HVAC system poses a safety hazard, you should replace it. Furthermore, if the repair it needs will be costly and not last for a long period, it is not worth it. For example, the heat exchanger has cracked. Under such a situation, there can be a carbon monoxide leak that can make the air poisonous. Therefore, you should replace the unit.

Life Span

As mentioned earlier, if the HVAC system has crossed 20 years of his life span, you should replace it. There is a chance that your technician may write down the installation date on the unit during installation. If this does not happen, you can check the inner region of the chamber door for a metal ID played. This metal ID plate should contain the model number and serial number. You can then call up customer service and find out the manufacturing.

Your system doesn’t necessarily stop functioning if it is over 20 years old. However, once the unit is over 20 years, it causes an increase in the carbon footprint, increases your energy bill, and the repair costs become too high. Thus, it is wise to change the system after 20 years of age.

Reduction In Heating Efficiency

If you feel that there are cold spots in the house or the heating system is just not working efficiently, you should get it checked. If the Virginia Commercial HVAC Contractors tell you that it is time to change the unit, you should listen to them and change it.

Buying an HVAC system is not child’s play. It costs a lot. Therefore, you should compare the repair prices to the price of purchasing and installing a new unit. If the repairs cost equivalent to purchasing and installing an issued unit, you should buy a new one instead of getting this one repaired. Alternatively, if it is a minor repair and does not put a heavy burden on your pocket, it is best to repair the unit and save money. Either way, whether you need your old HVAC repaired or a new one installed, always remember to choose experienced HVAC technicians like emergency hvac repair Phoenix to do the work to make sure that no complications will arise later on.

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