The Nova developers are now coming to Lahore with a fresh and spectacular development, following the huge success of Nova City Islamabad. Nova One Lahore, a premium real estate project that emphasizes excellence and innovation, will be unveiled soon. This project is being designed in a unique way, in accordance with the highest industry standards.

       The most iconic location in Lahore has been picked for this project. The architects behind the Nova 1 project are all well-known. It does, however, have 40 to 60 stories with a mix of residential and business units and will be the city’s tallest structure, combining elegance and sophistication upon completion.

         Gulberg, Ferozepur Road, MM Allam, Kalma Chowk, and other key parts of Lahore will be connected to this high-rise apartment and commercial building. This cutting-edge property, on the other hand, will have a plethora of modern amenities and features. Exclusive shopping centers, opulent hotels, gourmet spaces, luxurious residences, corporate offices, and shopping zones are all examples of this. Nova One also has an abundance of recreational options.

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        International architects designed Nova 1 Lahore with the latest advancements and ideas in mind. As a result, it is a potential living and commercial community unlike any other in Pakistan’s history. In every way, this is a top-notch project with exceptional interiors, exteriors, and building quality.

      The project is a real estate masterpiece and the city’s highest structure. The opening ceremony was attended by a large number of realtors, investors, and real estate executives from all around Pakistan. The occasion was also attended by the entire top management of Nova developers, as well as Italian architect Prof. Dr. Marco Casa Monti, who designed the Nova One architectural design. The Wall Real Estate management and crew were present at the occasion and congratulated the Nova Group on establishing a new landmark in Lahore. 

       Nova One will be the tallest building in Lahore when it is finished, with 40 to 60 stories of luxury residences, corporate offices, retail shops, basements, and other amenities. It is a worthwhile investment spot for potential purchasers when combined with the ideal location of Kalma Chowk Lahore and a flexible payment plan.


      This high-rise residential complex has been located in Lahore’s most renowned and sought-after neighborhood. Nova One will be a huge business and residential complex in Lahore, located in the heart of Lahore, at Kalma Chowk, Ferozepur Road, and Gulberg’s Main Boulevard. It will, however, have linkages to the neighboring areas, such as the Fortress Stadium, International Airport, MM Allam Road, Liberty Market, Saddar Town, and others. 

      It is a favored spot in Lahore for living a spectacular lifestyle due to its proximity to all major facilities. Its high value and demand among modern buyers are boosted by its great connectivity to major roads, commercial districts, and all major locations. Furthermore, this location has a lot of business and investment opportunities. The property’s value will be high in the present as well as in the future thanks to the fantastic and outstanding location.

       All sorts of facilities, including social, commercial, transit, recreational, educational, and health, are close by. There is no need for residents to travel outside of the community to meet their basic necessities. Furthermore, this project is easily is connected to the city’s main highways, making it accessible to all.

       With a fantastic neighborhood, finest development plans, up-to-date amenities, safe living environment, and much more, the Nova 1 Lahore location is a perfect choice from every perspective. Because of its exceptional position, this project ensures a high value and long-term gain for your investment.

Facilities and Features

      This location is ideal for living because it caters to all aspects of your life. This initiative was founded on the idea of exceeding people’s expectations in terms of convenience and satisfaction. The entire project is planned and designed with the most up-to-date architectural and technical concepts in mind. 

       During the development or building of Nova One, global trends are implemented, resulting in stunning designs themed in an exclusive style, with a remarkable interior, exterior, and smart features promising a life of comforts, luxury, and conveniences.

       The proper floor layouts and locations allow you to enjoy spacious and world-class living. This building will contain corporate spaces as well as deluxe luxury apartments. Apart from the project’s ideal location, the building will also be comprised of modernized architecture and interior design. The project will also have around-the-clock high-security systems and surveillance cameras on each floor and every corner to ensure the safety of the shoppers and residents. Other facilities that will be provided by this project will include high-end cafes and gourmet food spaces, popular retail brands, recreational facilities (such as indoor swimming pools, entertainment centers, spas, saunas, steam baths, etc.), well-equipped fitness centers, state-of-the-art elevator systems and lastly, basic necessitates to spend a posh lifestyle.

        The Nova One building is a fantastic addition to Lahore’s real estate. This project will go down in history because of its ingenuity, modern architecture, high-end interior, and great location.

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