Asphalt shingles are perhaps the most common option on the market and in most homes. This is because they are cost-effective, relatively affordable, and durable. Throw in the decent lifespan, the wide array of color options, and long-term warranties, and it is clear why most homeowners choose them. Apart from being experts in roof design, installation, and maintenance, our licenced roofing professionals are here to help you with easy installation guides and prices.

Despite the ease of installation, durability, and other benefits of the asphalt shingles, some homeowners are considering another option – designer shingles. Designer shingles give many homeowners a chance to stand out, especially because asphalt shingles have become so common in many neighborhoods. With designer shingles, homeowners can set their properties apart and become the envy of the neighborhood.

One of the cool things about designer shingles is the different color options they come in. These shingles are available in premium shades and patterns to beautify the home and make it stand out. The luxury feel comes at an extra cost, especially as the price is somewhat around that of the metal roofing system but with added perks like stylishness and durability.

If you’re planning a new roof installation or looking to replace your existing roof, chances are high that you’ve already been suggested this option. Concerned about whether it is worth investing in a designer shingle or not? Find out below.

What are designer shingles?

As explained, designer shingles are the luxury line introduced to set homeowners and their homes apart from others. They are essentially the premium line of asphalt shingles and are available in various cool colors, patterns, and styles. 

Designer shingles are perfect for every homeowner, especially those who have grown tired of the various common colors and patterns of the asphalt shingles in their community. With the designer shingles, you’re signing up for a better curb appeal that gives your home a look and feel that mimics the slate roof. 

In addition, designer shingles come in bigger and thicker sizes. The size differentiates the new and premium product from the existing asphalt shingle while promising better durability than its predecessor. 

How much will the designer shingles cost you?

Anything that comes into the market with the “luxury” or “designer” tag is expected to be more expensive and appealing. With designer shingles, you can expect it will cost you a steep price.

While it is impossible to give a face value of how much the designer shingle will cost you, especially as this depends on the number of shingles you need and the color, pattern, or design option. However, you should know that each square foot of this luxury shingle costs about $8.00.

According to some installers, the high cost is made up for in the appearance, appeal, and durability it promises. If you’re considering this shingle for your next roofing project, it is best to ask for a quote from your roofer and compare it with what the regular asphalt shingle will cost you. You can decide from there, based on your budget and financial strength.

Are designer shingles worth the price?

Most homeowners want to compare the cost and value derived before deciding on the next step. If you’re wondering if a designer shingle is worth its price, here are some benefits you stand to enjoy;

Make a statement

As the name implies, designer shingles are meant to make a statement and turn your home into the neighborhood’s envy. You need these shingles if you want to make a statement while setting yourself apart from the regular colors and patterns available to asphalt shingles.

Protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays

Asphalt shingles are credited for deflecting harmful UV rays away from homes. However, you can expect to get a greater level of protection from your designer shingles. Designer shingles are designed to build on the strength of the asphalt shingles and offer better benefits to customers.

Improved curb appeal

As stated earlier, designer shingles come in new and improved shades and are available in different patterns and textures. The new and improved colors combined with the right installation pattern can give your home the right curb appeal. With such installation and curb appeal, you can effectively raise your property’s worth, especially if you’re looking to sell in the nearest future.

Fire resistant

The luxury or designer shingles are designed to be fire resistant. This means that they build on the fire resistivity of the asphalt shingles and offer even more protection to property owners. They are also lighter and better looking.

Low maintenance  

The cost incurred on purchasing the designer shingles is paid forward with its many benefits, including low maintenance requirements. They are strong, wider in size, and perfect for all weather, whether extreme heat or cold conditions. You can also rest assured that they are easy to clean when the need arises.

By Manali