If you are someone who aspires to be Scrum Master or are already one in the field, it is possible that you might have wondered about- what to do next? Any job role doesn’t remain constant because as now and then you always have to learn more and gain more skills as per the changing demands of the industries.

In this article, we have prepared the essential guide on the Scrum Master Career Path with a range of career options that are open for you and how to manage it all. Every aspect of the possible job role related to being a Scrum Master is dealt under this article, so without further ado, let’s dive in to know more, but first let us start with understanding the role of a Scrum Master:


Agile practices are being widely adopted across industries by the companies who move ahead of the upcoming demands. With this increased in adoption rate of Agile, the demand to hire a Professional Scrum Master has also surged because he is the main brain who plays the critical role in execution of Scrum framework and its mechanics.

A Professional Scrum Master acts as a ‘servant leader’ of the development team whose job is to address the entire facets of the scrum processes and practices. They are the person who is actually the lifeline of an Agile project as they play the role of a guide, a mentor, and a facilitator all at the same time for team governance. A scrum Master works in neat integration with the Product Owner (CSPO) and the stakeholders, keeping in mind the business interested of the business of the company.


The role of a Scrum Master is inherently of versatile nature as they are adept to performing multiple functions simultaneously and they also are proficient in tailoring their approach when has to meet any demand as per the changing requirements of the project or the organization.

Moreover, the most interesting thing to note about is that a scrum master role is not limited to one but it has window open full of career options. And it is correctly said the more you experience scrum and its usage, you find yourself to be at the top position filled with expertise of taking on the role of an Agile Coach, a Product Manager, a Product Owner, as a mentor and guide or as a Scrum coach, and so much more. This is the potential of earning skills and expertise in the Scrum because it will never let you down, because there is some career option always opens for you. Let us see different roles a scrum master can play for the benefit of their company.

The role of a Product Owner

Role of scrum master evolves and in the process you get equipped with the product development process. Thus, one can play the role of a product owner by implementing agile practices and principles in creating high value products that meets the organizational goals.

The role of a Manager

As a Scrum Masters, you have learned how to manage the entire scrum processes which has to be followed by the development team.  Thus, you can act as a manager or facilitator in managing any conflicts and remove obstacles to bring collaborative flow and communication between the clients and the team.

The Role of the Mentor

One of the main roles of a skilled Scrum Master is to cultivate Agile mindset which is the essential thing of a mentor. Thus, you can also act as a Scrum mentor to regularly remind the team to inculcate Agile practices and ensure successful execution of processes.

Act as a Scrum Coach

It can be exhilarating to see the positive changes scrum brings to a project. So, if you want to catalyze a similar transformation at the workplace or seeks to work with different enterprise on their journey of Agile transformation, then option is always available to work as a Agile and Scrum coach. You have the sufficient potential to act as a scrum coach and guide your team to transform into ways compatible with scrum practices.

As a scrum coach, you get to guide the team at the executive and managerial level and get familiar with the business agility and strategies of change management in order to bring successful lead transformations.

III. Best Career Path for a Scrum Master: Become a Agile Project Manager 

The best career path when you have a learned knowledge of Scrum is to become an Agile Project Manager. The enterprises around the world that have adopted Agile framework are easy adaptable and resilient to evolving changes and conditions which has proved them to stand out and become consistently quicker than their competitors. This is the forward thinking of the enterprise only which have made them competent enough to outperform their counterparts time and again because they embraced Agile at the right time.

In current times, where constant change is said to be only normal of the world, enterprises that embraces Agile and Scrum practices stands miles ahead of time and in terms of operational excellence, client satisfaction, and employee engagement.

In this manner project managers are no less behind, as their capabilities have made them in great demand so as to lead projects successfully and conclude it on-time and within the set budget. When we see such a scenario, the ideal career path should be that which combines the best of the both worlds i.e. acting as an Agile Project Manager.

The field of Agile Project Management has strongly risen to the shore because it possesses an iterative approach towards the traditional lifecycle of project management. Agile Project managers are competent experts who has the ability to cope up with the rapid changing needs so to quickly adapt to the changes, by changing direction, scope, and focus at the right time when need emerges.

In this respect, a Scrum Master is said to be uniquely positioned on the Agile team what work closely with the Product Owner and the product development team by ensuring that scrum processes are in synchronization with the high value product releases. Scrum Master wear many caps and take on the role of a servant leader who serves the team in practicality than governing them.


So, this was all about the scrum master career path that we wanted to provide you with this guide so that make your right decisions at the right time to gain skills in scrum and become a professional scrum master to get more lucrative job roles. Isn’t it an interesting fact that the word ‘Scrum’ dates back its origin in Rugby and is used as analogy in Rugby terms, where being a Scrum Master means you have mastered all the roles of a team member, a team guide, coach, and a referee all at once.

The essence is that as long as the world of Scrum continues to revolve, there will always be range of opportunities available for the professionals of scrum who has proved their scrum expertise. And please note that the role of a skilled scrum master is always going to be in demand.

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By Manali