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Dubai is a place of dreams. There all things are perfect. It is best city for tourism as well as for business. It comes on 2nd number in driving city’s rank. So you can estimate from my narration that in this article I will apprise you about those things which you have to must keep in mind before and after renting car in Dubai. So if you are going to decide a trip to Dubai then it’s a great idea. The car renting business is touching the heights in recent years in Dubai. As far as renting car concerns not only tourists use this service as well as the natives prefer to rent car in Dubai. Because you can get quite new cars and also you can rent car without driver. Hey do you like Mercedes? If yes, then it is perfect place for you if you are planning for Dubai trip, here you can know about the facts you have to keep in mind before and after rent Mercedes Dubai. So let’s begin!

Facts keep in mind before and after rent a Mercedes Dubai

Hey do you want to feel euphoria by riding your dream car Mercedes then you can fulfill it. Day after day car rental industries are growing very fast. Now the residents invest their cars in car rental companies and earn money. So need to mention that you can easily find your dream car Mercedes in Dubai on rent. But every country and company has their principles, and everyone restrict to follow them. So it is cardinal for you to know about the UAE driving rules and general info of car rental companies. If you show negligence and don’t follow the rules then you will get yourself in huge trouble. So it is better for you to follow the rules. The facts which you have to keep in mind before rent Mercedes Dubai are as follow;

Can’t take Mercedes out of UAE

The first thing is if you are going to rent a Mercedes then you can’t take it out of UAE. You are not allowed to take their cars out of their range. So you are restricted for riding only in their range. If you take car and try to cross their border line then you will find yourself in danger.

Pay rent in advance

Lion’s share car rental companies take rent and security wages in advance. You can pay your Mercedes rent through vary methods like you can pay them in cash as well as through credit card or online payments.

Driving License

Make sure that you have your driving license, if you don’t have you can’t rent a car without driver. In case of absences of license you will have to hire car with driver. On the other hand if you are native then your driving license should be registered. If you are a tourist and you have an international driving license or a license which is issued by your country then you don’t need to get a UAE driving license. You can easily ride your Mercedes on UAE roads.

Age limit / car damage / traffic fines

Age limit for riding a Mercedes on Dubai roads is 18+. If you will have an accident with a rental car then you have to pay the car vandalism wages to the company. Second thing if your rented car is not working properly then as soon as possible inform the company other you will have to take responsibility of that damage. If you caught by traffic police and then car rental company will pay the fine from your security charges.

Read terms and conditions very carefully

Read the terms and policy conditions very carefully. By reading you will get wholly info about that company from which you are going to rend Mercedes as well as you can save yourself from may trouble. So if you want to feel euphoria and glee during riding Mercedes then follow the terms and policy of rental Car Company. So these were few rules and requirements for rent Mercedes Dubai. I hope this article will prove helpful for you. Go and enjoy your Mercedes dream car ride.

By Manali

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