Every year the central board of secondary education conducts board exams for students of class tenth and twelfth. This year board exams will be conducted too. By looking at the present pandemic times, we are not sure whether the exams will be conducted online or by offline modes. But in both modes, effective exam preparation is mandatory. Let us discuss some tips which all students of secondary and senior secondary classes can follow to prepare well for their board exams this year. 

Preparation tips for board exams 

  1. NCERT textbooks  – must complete 

Most of the schools teach the tenth and twelfth class students from cert books only. Basically, for the board exam syllabus, ncert books are compulsory to use. All the students for their coming board exams must be thorough with their ncert textbooks of all the academic subjects. Students have a misconception that board exam questions are tricky, difficult and they must study from some complex reference books and guides. Because of this, they focus less on their main ncert books and more on other material. But this is not the case. With the detailed and line-by-line reading of ncert textbooks, students can prepare quite well for their board exams. 

  1. Practice sample papers 

The best tool for effective board exam preparation is sample papers or previous year question papers. The official CBSE sites also upload sample papers for students so that they can prepare effectively. All students must practice sample papers well in advance to check how much they know and how they can improve. Time management skills, knowledge, and all the necessary improvement can be done this way. 

  1. Stay positive 

Yes, we all know that the board exams become a stressful time for all the students. But too much stress can affect your physical and mental health, furthermore affecting the exam preparation. All students must stay positive, and develop an optimistic mindset. An optimistic mind will help students to stay away from negative thoughts and overthinking. Reading motivational quotes for students, doing meditation, and other mindfulness activities can help students in this regard.  

  1. Self assess and find your weaker sections 

Along with regular learning, checking what you have learned and how much you gained is very important. All students must not wait for the final exams and should regularly check their learning. Self-testing is the best way for students to enhance their board preparation. While completing the syllabus, keep conducting tests for yourself. After every few lessons, take a test for yourself. 

Attempt the questions given in textbooks, solve more, and write all the important terms and definitions. After that, review your papers and check the answers. Find the areas where you are making mistakes and lagging. Furthermore, start preparing, focusing, and revising more for the weaker sections. Teachers should also manage and conduct regular tests by using LMS portals for effective board exam preparation of the students this year. 

  1. Opt for a healthy lifestyle

We all know that coronavirus is spreading at a very high speed again. In such times, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour. Lack of healthy habits and activities can make you fall and prone to diseases. This can affect the exam preparation of the students. To prevent this from happening, all students must opt for having a healthy and active lifestyle.

 Take physical activities every day. Any form of physical workout can help learners to stay active and physically fit. Along with it, healthy eating and sleeping are also important. All students must have a nutritious and balanced diet. Along with this, don’t forget to have a deep night’s sleep for six to seven hours for staying active and learning better. 

During exams: follow these steps 

1. Read the questions properly. During board exams, you get 15 minutes of reading time. Utilize this time effectively. Don’t be in a hurry. First, read the question carefully, think for the answer, and start framing. 

2. Start framing the answers. Try to maintain a serial order and pattern. Either start from the first question and come to the last one or do vice versa. This will help your paper to look systematic. If you don’t remember any answer in between, leave space for it and attempt it in the end. 

3. Write paper neatly. Presentation plays an important role. Avoid too much scribbling, cuttings, and overwriting. Even if you made a mistake, just simply make a single cut using a pencil. Keep your paper tidy. 

4. If you face difficulty in attempting any answer or you can recall the answer, don’t panic. Move forward to the questions you know, and answer the ones you left in the end. This will ensure proper time management. 

5. Try to take some time for revisions. Maintain a good writing pace throughout the paper so that you get some time to revise and recheck what you have written. This will reduce the chances of mistakes and help students to score well. 


All the above-mentioned tips will help students to prepare well for their board exams this year. We also discussed the tips which students must follow while appearing for the exams. This will help all learners to score well and achieve their academic goals and objectives planned. 

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