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If you are in Canada, you may be wondering where to buy Prada Perfume. Well, this article will help you find out. We will talk about Candy Kiss, L’Eau de Prada, and L’Homme Prada. But before we get started, let’s take a closer look at these fragrances. It’s not too late to grab one of them! You’ll be amazed by the wide selection and prices of these perfumes.

Candy Kiss

The Prada Candy Kiss Winter Collection is an enchanting blend of sugary, sweet and spicy notes. Designed with a sweet vanilla note, this fragrance is both a sweet and sensual delight. The scent evokes memories of sweet childhood days. The rich fragrance opens with a soft blend of musk and orange blossom before easing to powdered vanilla and light musks. The warm, sweet musk is a long-lasting, elegant scent that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For the winter season, Prada introduced three new fragrances from its Candy Kiss collection. The Winter collection features three new fragrances, including a candy-coated version of the original. The original Candy scent features an unmistakable blend of vanilla and sweet orange blossom. Both scents have a sweet, gourmand scent and great projection. They are both warm and sultry, and pair well with other Prada fragrances.

Prada Les Infusions De Iris

The latest fragrance from Prada’s Les Infusions De Iris Winter collection is the floral-woodsy scent Infusion d’Iris. This perfume online canada was launched in 2007 and is inspired by an ancient method of producing iris extract. It contains notes of African Orange flower, Galbanum, Mastic, Cedar, Benzoin, and Vetver. Despite the iris’s delicate fragrance, this is a fresh, floral-woody fragrance that is perfect for the cold months.

The scent is very clean and refreshing, reminiscent of freshly laundered linen sheets. It also evokes feelings of naked skin. This fragrance is available only at select Prada stores in Canada. The price range for the Les Infusions De Iris Winter Collection is CAD$2,060. Besides the Canadian price, the collection has free shipping and returns. The brand’s website will send the item to your doorstep for free within a week.

L’Homme Prada

If you’re looking for a statement scent, consider the new Prada Candy fragrance. Prada Candy is more feminine and exuberant than previous launches, and it uses more color to encapsulate the new Prada woman. This perfume has been compared to a flame, and it’s not hard to see why! It’s a rich, sensual scent with a complex base. It’s named for the seductive girl Prada designed to enchant.

The fragrance is reminiscent of the famous vanilla ice cream. It’s named after the French luxury pastry with vanilla ice cream, bittersweet chocolate, and orange or lemon juice. While it doesn’t contain vanilla, it is a gourmand scent without the cloying apricot. Prada’s Winter Collection of Perfume features a dazzling selection of fragrances that are sure to please.

L’Eau de Prada

The L’Eau de Prada Winter Collection is available at boutiques throughout Canada, and each fragrance is different, so you should test a few samples before making a decision. Candy is an ode to sweets, with notes of caramel and honey layered over a spicy profile. Vanilla scents last for hours on the skin, and Iris is a subtle floral scent with notes of cedar, incense, and vetiver. L’Eau de Prada Les Infusions de Iris is a complex base fragrance with notes of dark and light musks, orange blossom, and vanilla.

If you prefer a masculine scent, try Prada’s Candy Gloss, which is a sultry and fresh fragrance without the vanilla. This scent is ideal for warmer months, with notes of cherry, peach, and musk. When wearing the fragrance, spritz on the pulse points to increase the intensity. If you’re going out, the perfume will intensify as you move around.

L’Eau de Tendre

The Prada L’Eau de Tendré Winter Collection was launched in Canada earlier this month. The collection features ten different scents. Each one is a unique interpretation of Prada’s renowned fragrance, which features pure sandalwood oil from India and addictive patchouli leaves. The scent also boasts a musky base, which isn’t as noticeable as other fragrances in the brand’s Winter Collection. The notes of orange, rose, and jasmine are more prominent than those of musk, but the citrus does not disappear completely. Cedar is also present in the blend.

By Manali