We live in an unpredictable and unprecedented period. The current epidemic has had a huge impact on education globally as an enormous number. Of students are unable to attend school. To ensure continuous learning of students, educational institutions have embarked on the use of technology to provide online courses for students. Nowadays, students can learn anything—from administering CPR properly to getting better at solving mathematical equations.

This new norm is not just a new concept for students as well as teachers and parents. While teachers are geared to be content editors, parents have been taking on the role of into the role of facilitators and coaches.

For parents, it’s certainly a greater responsibility when you consider their own work schedules, working at home, and household chores, since virtual classrooms aren’t like plug-and-play.

We all know that there’s an immediate positive correlation between parental involvement and the student’s Achievement. Therefore, whether it’s the traditional classroom environment or the present distant learning scenario, it is essential that parents actively be involved in their child’s LKG online classes learning.

Therefore, regardless of the situation, the involvement and support of parents are crucial to the success, encouragement, and accountability of the online learning process in the present day and age.

How can parents impact their child’s online education in a meaningful manner?

Constant monitoring

The children of today are not only children but Millennial Children. They’re smart, they are tech-savvy and self-confident, and, sometimes, excessively confident. This is why a lack of supervision can be a gateway to naughty and mischievous acts. We’re sure that some of our children have committed one or more things in Nursery Online Classes. We recognize that they’re youngsters and are bored, unfocused, and unruly. As parents, we have an obligation to create a safe and secure learning environment that is governed by rules, standards, morals, and guidelines.

Continuous involvement

The most significant difference in a child’s education is the involvement of parents. It is not necessary for a family member to attend homeschool, according to many parents, but rather a facilitator and coach who can aid the kids through the ways listed above.

No intervention during online class

Similar to schools in schools, the involvement of parents is not necessary when the teacher is running the class. In the same way, it is not advisable to enter the online session to talk to your child while the session is ongoing. Children might become overly concerned in the event that parents keep visiting between classes and speaking to them or the teacher. In the ending, if you are uncertain, you have to be patient until the class has ended, and then you can ask questions exactly as you would normally in a traditional classroom. It is vital to be conscious of everything we say and do. If it is possible, we should remain in a separate space while our child attends the online classes. However, even if we cannot, we must be sure to remain as silent and as inconspicuous as we can.

Encourage, inform and inspire.

All we have to do is uplift our children to be happy. Let’s acknowledge the fact that gadgets that were utilized for entertainment reasons, such as games, cartoons, and movies, are now being used for educational purposes. This is something new and challenging for them too. Therefore, we must constantly motivate them, praise them following the course, engage them in open dialogue about their thoughts regarding online learning, and think of their feedback as worth discussing with teachers.


The benefits aren’t limited to your child’s participation in your child’s online classes for kids will end with you benefiting too. There are some problems to be mindful of in online education, but it’s the norm. Parents, on the other hand, feel more comfortable with teachers and build confidence in their children. They are more convinced in supporting their children in their academics. It allows them to keep in their learning together with the child. A few hours of your time spent on the online learning of your child will yield amazing results in the education of your children.

By Manali