The title could be questioned by many. That’s because the sports book will typically payout $9 of every $10 it takes in wagers. That dollar in the middle is the commission or juice they charge for taking your bet. But Canadian bettors aren’t anywhere near as fortunate.

You Can’t Beat These Odds

Canada has had legal government-sponsored wagering for almost three decades, Sport Select (Pro-Line). Now all they have to do is make it fair.

In recent years, Sport Select has come under increasingly heavy criticism from Canadian sports bettors due to the poor odds it offers (from the bettor’s perspective).

A private bookmaker licensed in the United Kingdom or Nevada generally maintains an overround (or “commission”) of about 110%, meaning the bookmaker can expect to pay out $100 for every $110 that is wagered. 

To make matters worse for the bettor, the parlay requirement (a bettor must win three wagers not just one) compounds the overround. The actual commission is a minimum of 160% but can climb to well over 300% if six selections are made.

All calculations on commission percentages are available at the point of sale of OLG sports betting products.

In jurisdictions such as the UK where genuine competition is allowed, bookies often pay bonuses for winning parlay (three) bets to help offset the compounded commission. Sport Select does not.

Most experts agree that the odds offered on Sport Select are such that even the sharpest sports bettor would have no hope of making a profit in the long-term.

Legal Sports Gambling in Canada is Big Bucks

In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019, sales for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission’s (OLG) sports lotteries, including PRO•LINE, POINT SPREAD and PRO*PICKS, totaled $249 million. Of that amount, 63% or $156 million went to prizes, according to internal records available from the OLG by request.

And that’s just Canada.

Joseph Brennan, the CEO of the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association, estimates that in about one decade, sports betting could become a $10-billion dollar a year industry.

Canadians Fight Back

In response to what is perceived as extreme arrogance and a lack of respect many Canadian sports gamblers have taken advantage of the Internet and are starting to do business with reputable offshore online bookmakers who offer odds that are up to 50% better than what would be offered for an individual match on Sport Select.

Moreover, both traditional bookmakers offer single sports betting, thus greatly increasing a bettor’s chances of winning.

Golf Betting with Online Bookmakers and Bookies

Before placing a golf bet in a betting shop or with an online bookmaker, it is important to assess the form of a player. The best way is to visit a tournament as vital questions can easily be answered:

How much time does a player spend on the practice ground with a coach tinkering to find a swing?

Do they walk confidently to the putting green looking happy with their work?

How many visits do they make to the tour equipment caravan to change shafts or grips?

Do they visit the physio unit for treatment?

How preoccupied are they standing on the putting green after a practice session? Distracted pros are often locked away in their own world trying to find an answer to their swing problem.

How happy does the caddie look?

There are many giveaway signs that suggest how confident a player is feeling, and visiting a tournament on practice day is the best way of assessing form. But most punters have to place a bet with a bookie or an online bookmaker without seeing a player close up. However, there is a chance of placing a winning bet with a bookmaker by following these tips on how to interpret a players form and golf stats from the tour web sites.

Study Stats Before Placing a Golf Bet at a Bookies or Bookmakers

The form of any player is obtainable free from the European Tour or the PGA Tour Web sites. Of course, bookmakers and bookies have access to these facts but the bookmakers odds are often calculated from general form. Looking closely at a players stats, as near the start date as possible, gives the most up to date picture of what to expect, including the weather forecast. Before going to the tour web sites to see the statistics page, a punter should visit an online bookmaker to view the current odds on eight players of their choice who are entered in the next event.

Important Stats to Digest before Betting at a Bookmakers

Take the eight players and study past form on the tournament course.

Finish position in the previous event – this gives a good indication of confidence levels, remember confidence means everything to a golf pro.

Career scoring over the four rounds of a tournament – it’s no good backing a player to win a match on the last day if form states it’s traditionally the players highest scoring round.

Predicted weather conditions and time of year – make sure they correspond to past tournament success as certain players traditionally play well at certain times of the year.

Order of Merit position – make sure a pro has already secured exemption for the following season. A pro struggling to finish in the top 120 can be unpredictable and might just be trying to finish in the top 20 rather than going for a win.

Check Out Driving, Putting, Greens in Regulation Stats

Greens in regulation, putting and driving stats give an overall impression of the state of a pros golf game. Match the course characteristics to the stats – if the course has fast undulating greens with run offs, make sure the player has good putting stats. If bunkers are placed for a 285 yard carry, there is no point backing a player who pitches 280 yards.

Visit the players website or blog to see if there is any information about new contracts signed which means a possible change of equipment. Lee Westwood missed the cut the week before Dubai using new irons, he then changed them for Dubai and finished runner up. Avoid betting on players using new equipment.

Even up the odds and study the stats of a golf pro before placing a bet with a bookmaker. Visit an online bookmaker first to find out what types of bets and odds are available, then visit the tour web sites to check out the form of a player before handing over money to the bookmaker.

By Manali