What is Badugi Poker?

Badugi is a lowball variant of poker that features four cards. Players must choose the best “badugi”, which are four cards without duplicates.

It is more common in cash games.

Badugi is thought to have originated in Canada in the 1980s, under the name “Off Suit Lowball”.

According to Korean legend, the name baduk (or badug) is a Korean term that refers to a black-and-white pattern. Badugi is a common name for black-and white spotted dogs. In Korean, the board game Go was called baduk.

We will now discuss the Badugi poker rules.

How to play Badugi

Badugi can be played with both a button and a small or big blind. Badugi is played with a fixed limit. Before the first draw, there is a betting round where players can choose to discard zero (standing pat), or four cards.

Each player decides which cards they wish to draw. The deck does not return the discards, they are kept separately.

The second round of betting is followed by another draw. The final draw is preceded by the third round of betting. The final draw is followed by the fourth and final betting round. After that, the hand will go to showdown.

Badugi Strategy

Badugi is just like other poker games.

It’s because:

You can see which cards your opponents have drawn.

You can see how much your opponents bet

You can decide whether you want to play dumb by “standing pat” and drawing zero cards.

If you wish, you can get an additional raise

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By Manali