The advent of the Internet has been a blessing for music fans and musicians alike. It allows us to connect easily and share our favorite songs, new or old. Music is constantly evolving – it’s easier than ever to discover new artists.

In this modern age, the word promotion has been closely related to music. Music is a form of art, and so promotion should be one of the best ways to promote the music you have created.

However, not all people know how to market their music to get it heard by many fans. Here are some of the best ways to promote your music by Music Submission:

Social Media:

Social media has become a huge force, and we’re sure you already have accounts on different social media platforms.

You can share your music, news items, and other relevant information on your social media accounts. An active fan base is great for promotion!


Music submission to radio stations is a quick way to get new fans. If they like your song, it’s almost guaranteed that they will play it.

We all know the dreaded words, but your best chance of getting through is to have a good song and a strong, detailed press kit.

That will make it easier for the DJ or Music Supervisor to promote you. If you don’t think it’s worth trying, try the next option.

Submit Music To Share Pro:

It is a great way to get new listeners, and they are always on the lookout for something fresh and exciting. You can send music of all genres, so don’t hold yourself back.

Sharepro is a website for music submissions. All you need to do is create an account and then submit music. It’s a great way to get your music heard by a wider audience.

You can register for free, and they also have a team of people who will listen to every submission. You will also get a breakdown of the track, with feedback on how you can improve.

1. What Is A Music Submission?

Music submissions are often sent to music companies by artists that want to become famous in the music industry. Music submissions give an artist the chance to showcase their talent and possibly be introduced to new fans.

Music submissions are common in music, and artists can submit their songs. When you make a song submit, it’s not often known, but if you want to make sure yours isn’t lost in the crowd, research music companies and send your favorite one a submission.

2. Why Submit Your Music?

It’s simple. You want people to hear it. You’re proud of it, and you want to share it with the world. There are a lot of places out there for you to do that (and we’re one of them). That said – here are some tips on getting started:

If you’re submitting your music, pick two or three songs that you feel best to represent your sound, or you can also make a Playlist Submission.

These are called ‘singles.’ Not only does the label want to hear what they might be getting – but it also gives them insight into how your mind works as an artist.

3. What Are The Benefits Of Music Submission?

There are many benefits to music submission. The Internet makes information easier to access than ever before, and the wonderful thing is that it takes no money to do so.

With a computer, internet connection, and some time on your hands, you have everything you need to submit your music online! Here are some great benefits of online music submissions:

No Agent Needed

Unless you are an extremely well-known artist or band, hiring an expensive agent to submit your music typically does not make sense.

Most bands and artists work with smaller music companies, which can help to promote your music online for a small fee.

Detailed Feedback And Tips

Online submissions allow you to receive detailed feedback and tips that can help you improve your music. Music submissions online typically cost a fee, which is usually well worth the money.

Most sites will offer constructive criticism and tips on modifying your song to make it more marketable.

Expand Your Market Reach

Online music submission makes it possible to expand your market reach to audiences worldwide. Artists and bands can upload their music to websites, where it becomes accessible for consumers around the globe.

You open up many otherwise impossible opportunities before by uploading your songs online!

Make Connections With Music Executives

When an artist or band hires an agent, it often takes longer to contact music executives.

Online music submissions allow artists and bands to immediately connect with record labels and other music companies! Many agents will look at online submission sites to find new talent for their businesses.

Convenient And Affordable

Submitting your music online is much more convenient and affordable than sending in physical submissions.

The Internet makes it easy to reach any audience from anywhere at any time! It is extremely simple to submit online, and most sites charge a small fee and provide constructive criticism and feedback on your music.


Music is a form of art, and so promotion should be one of the best ways to promote the music you have created. Do you feel like promoting yourself as an artist?

If so, we can help! At Sharepro, we provide expert services that will give you more exposure than ever before, with proven results in building fans and followers over time. Contact us if you want to assess how we can take care of all aspects of marketing for your musical needs from start to finish.

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