A barbershop is a place for men to socialize, get a haircut and get information on the local area.

But what makes Men’s Barbers are different than women’s barbers? If you’re looking for answers to that question, here are some of them:

  • It’s Usually No Frills

While some barbershops might look clean and modern on the inside, most are bare of any extra decorations. Instead, they focus on what matters: giving haircuts.

  • Only Men Can Cut Men’s Hair

It is something that separates a barbershop from other types of salons. Generally, only other men can cut hair in a barbershop.

It means that you never have to worry about being judged by the barbers for your hair for not knowing how to properly care for your locks or what style will look good on you.

  • It’s Not Just For Men

It may be common knowledge, but not only men go to a barbershop. Though they’re frequented by all types of men, from people in business to construction workers, women sometimes choose to have their hair cut at a barbershop as well. Some shops offer cuts and styles for both genders.

  • It’s A Social Place And Education Center

Another thing that makes a barbershop different from other salons is what you’ll find there. While women usually go to places like these for the social aspect, men seek to get more out of the experience than just getting their hair cut.

You might find magazines there or even books with general information about local businesses and maps of the area. You can even pick up and pay for your next haircuts all in the same place.

  • It’s A Male-Dominated Area

Though women are allowed in barbershops, it’s safe to say that the majority of the patrons at any given time will be men.

Of course, there are certain exceptions, like when a salon offers cuts for both genders, but men still dominate most barbershops.

  • All The Tools You Need Are There

Since this place is for guys to get their hair cut, you can bet that all the tools they need will be present and accounted for.

It might be why people go to a barbershop – because if they don’t have the necessary tools, their male customers won’t get the perfect haircut.

  • It’s A Great Place To Relax And Prep Your Hair For What’s Next

The whole point of going to a place like this is so you can relax for a few minutes while someone else does all the work.

There’s not much to worry about when you know that only another man will be touching your hair, and there are no mirrors or bright lights to make it difficult for you to close your eyes.

  • They Offer Services Other Than Haircuts

If you don’t want to cut your hair at a barbershop, you can also get your beards done or ask about getting a massage.

Some shops are so different from the ones your dad used to go to that they might even offer things like massages and facials.

  • The Stylists Are Experts On What Hair Looks Best On Your Face Shape

Since barbers are experts on hairstyles, they better understand what looks good on your face shape.

You can ask them for their opinion or even let them give you their recommendation just based on the way your hair is naturally.

  • They’re Not As Expensive As Salon

Salon prices are outrageous and something that guys don’t want to pay for anymore. Since most barbershops are owned by independent owners or small businesses rather than big corporations, you can expect it to be cheaper.

It is especially true if the owner gives the service himself instead of sending it out to a contracting business.

  • Some Of The Services Are Included When You Get A Haircut

If you’re getting a haircut, you can also get a straight razor shave included for free with the price. It is something no other salon offers, not even those specializing in men’s beauty treatments.

  • They’re A Good Place To Ask For Advice

You can expect to be getting a lot of sound advice from the barber or stylist. They may not give it, but you have the option if you want it.

  • It’s A Great Place To Meet Other Guys Just Like You

It is the ultimate reason why so many guys go to their local barbershops – it’s a place for men.

While there are many places where they can go and talk to other guys, there aren’t too many that will cater to them. If you want to meet people like you, then you should visit a barbershop.


All in all, barbershops are places where men can go and enjoy the company of other men. Put these reasons and more together, and it’s easy to see why this is still a popular choice for guys everywhere.

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By Manali