Farming is the most basic and oldest business profession. It’s the core need of mankind as we live on food and for many countries like India, it’s the major revenue source. However, in old times, it was not an easy task to farm but with the advancement in technology, there are many new machines developed which make farming very convenient and calm. So in this article let’s discuss what are the types of machinery used in farming.


A tractor is the most basic equipment for farming in today’s world. It makes the work of farmers very easy. The main work of a tractor is to pull things. However, with some upliftment, it can do much more than just pulling. Farming tractors come in big and small sizes which makes it even more convenient to carry out all shots of farming activities. There are different types of tractors like:

Wheeled Tractor

These are the most basic type of tractors and their main purpose is to carry things to farms, tilling and pulling farming materials.

Orchard Tractor

These small thin shaped tractors are designed specifically to work on the orchard fields. They can fit perfectly between the thin lines of trees and work to it’s fullest.

Compact Tractor

Compact tractors are the most suitable field tractors on farms as they are small tractors with high power to do almost every basic work on farms.

Track Tractor

These tractors are used for plowing purposes as their wheels are ascended with rubber which makes it easy to plow the field smoothly.

All-Terrain Vehicles

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are the most common utility vehicle in modern farming. These small-shaped four-wheeler vehicles are designed in such a way to work faster and smoother in rough fields than any other vehicle. Different attachments can join this vehicle. These feature of the vehicle makes it very fast and easy for the farmers to work in the field. Check out the benefits provided to the farmers by the Prime Minister on query.


Harvesters also known as combines are very important machines for farmers who have grain fields. These are large heavy machines for grinding the crops into grains. It’s beneficial for both large and small farms. It’s a very simple machine to harvest all types of grains. Harvesting crops with these machines also provide more clean crops in very less time and it also minimizes the farm labor.

Tractor Attachments

Tractor attachments are the machines that are attached to the tractors to work in the fields. There are many different types of tractor attachments. They are:


Plows are large machines attached to the back of the tractors. The main objective of a plow is to drag it into the soil to break it for cultivation. It also helps in maintaining the soil structure and oxygen supply and improves the water retention capacity of the water. It helps the roots to penetrate deeper into the soil and increases the source of nutrients. Plowing with these machines makes it very easy to plow.

Fertilizer Spreaders

Fertilizer spreaders are the machines attached to the tractors to spread fertilizers in the field. This machine makes the work of a farmer much easier and fast. It also helps in spreading the fertilizers evenly in every place.


As guessed by its name seeders help in planting seeds in the soil. These are advanced machines attached to the tractors which plant the seeds in the soil very quickly. It’s very convenient for large farming fields. Farmers can get subsidies if registered on agrimachinery.

These are some of the most common but advanced farming machines that make the work of a farmer much easy. Of course, some people like to get flashy and install MB whips, but that’s another story all together!

By Manali