Have you ever had that doomed-swiping mood on Tinder? Like you are scrolling through numberless Tinder profiles and all you do is swipe right and roll your eyes in disbelief. “Like, gosh! Not this again?” Mmhmm. Well, all of us do. Bad Tinder profiles are ubiquitous. With the wild popularity of this notorious dating app, there are numberless users who haven’t made their acquaintance with the most fun app yet. No pun intended!

Is that you, by chance? Well, no worries. You have got our back. To make your Tinder profile stand out, we have reached out to dating experts and Tinder gurus. We were shocked that it is an art and science in its own right. Rome was not built in a day, as they say. Making your Tinder profile stand out is a series of ifs and buts. From filtering all your pictures to editing and reediting the ‘punch line,’ the mastery takes time.

Here are some of the top fun and efficient tips that will help you stand out on Tinder:

  1. Say No to Group Photos

Your profile picture is your first ambassador. It gives the beholder a first impression about you – that could turn into a last impression. So, you will have to go to any extent to make that first impression good. And to avoid rolling eyes or right swipes.

How to make the profile picture attractive, you ask? “Well, there are numerous things that you should consider. One of the fundamental components among them all is saying no to group pictures,” says A New York-based dating expert and therapist, Taylor Orlandoni. Furthermore, Taylor argues that in group pictures, you really do not see the confidence that solo pictures can have. “And confidence is the key factor when it comes to dating and choosing partner,” he concludes.

  1. Be Authentic

“A vast majority of Tinder users are surreal,” argues renowned psychologist and the author of the book Date Smart, Carla Marie. She goes on to say that since it is difficult to find authenticity on the dating app, users really look for authenticity. So, make your profile picture and bio as realistic and self-assured as possible.

To make your profile picture look real and authentic, opt for simplicity and originality. Do not edit or filter out. Likewise, keep your bio – the punch line – brief, humorous, and on point. These are some of the things that will make your Tinder profile look authentic. And nothing outclasses authenticity. However, old pictures that are filled with great memories are good emblem of authenticity. If you have lost the quality or have damaged your memorable pictures, you can enhance your pictures with a restoration service.

  1. Mention Your Intentions in Pristinely Clear Words

“Be pristinely clear your objectives of signing up with Tinder. Be pristinely clear about why you there,” says top-class dating expert, Michelle Gallant. It is no coincidence that Michelle herself met her fiancé on Tinder 2 years ago. The recommendations she has for all new Tinder users are:

  • Be on-point.
  • Clearly mention your intentions and objectives.
  • Tell them why you are on Tinder in the first place – in simple possible words.

It is pertinent to mention here that once you clearly mention your objectives and intentions, you will get relevant offers. Be it long-term relationship or momentary, you are very likely to embrace it right away.

  1. Let Adjectives in Your Bio Speak For You

“A technical aspect of making your Tinder profile is through wordings and their accurate usage,” says New Jersey-based dating coach, Nicole Moore. “And nothing can possibly better express you and who you are than an acutely used adjective.”

That is why, try to use “essence words” and adjectives as much as possible. Tis will have two benefits: One, it will grab the attention of the reader right away and will tell them about you like in seconds. Secondly, your profile will be short and on point.

  1. Be Creative With Your Photos

“Your Pictures are inevitably important. Try to be natural and creative while taking photos. Look for sunrise, sunset, natural sunlight, and shadow,” recommends Eddie Hernandez, who is an online dating expert and dating photographer. He goes on to say, “Once you are done shooting, select five to six pictures that are most natural and good looking. Remember, a good picture doesn’t only have good background. Rather, it encompasses expressions, emotions, and feelings along with a decent demeanor all in one place.

That is why, try to be as creative with your photos as possible. Ultimately, you will find your Tinder profile standing out. Likewise, you can also restore old and damages images that best express you.

  1. No Ex Photos!

Some new Tinder users make the grave mistake of using the pictures of their exes on their Tinder profiles. Ridiculous as it sounds, it is unnecessary to have the pictures of your exes on your Tinder profile. Not even an edited or cropped one!

Having the photos of your ex (es) on your Tinder profile has two setbacks:

  • Your status will be doubted – as the user will assume that you have already been there. Guess what? Swiping right is the next option.
  • You lose the confidence of the potential beholder.

So, say no to any such suspicious photos by any means.

  1. Include Humorous Punch Lines in Your Bio

“If there is one thing of absolute importance after your profile picture, it is the bio,” says Fernandez. The dating expert is of the belief that people love humor and “seriousness is largely frowned upon.” So, he recommends including a touch of humor with some funny and catchy lines. Including witty expressions on your bio is an indication that you are open to conversation and you can keep up with strangers.

Nevertheless, engaging with stranger is hard, especially online. But to be a Tinder pro, you will have to tam yourself to be flexible and open-minded. Consequently, you will achieve your goal of signing up with Tinder.

Final Thoughts

Tinder is one of the widely popular dating platforms used throughout the world. With millions of users interacting with each other, a decent number of them establish long-term relationships. Some go on periodic dates. Others tie the knot. But all this takes time, expertise, and patience.

The first thing to find a compatible partner on Tinder is to make your Tinder profile stand out. Unless your profile does not speak (even scream) for you, you aren’t likely to find a partner. However, with a touch of creativity, you can take your Tinder profile to a whole new level and make it stand out.

By Manali