LES MILLS+ can be downloaded onto any supported device as long as it is compatible with the TV. You can find if your device is compatible.

lesmillsondemand Activate Quick guide

It’s a simple two-step process to activate your TV device. Sign in to your account through the website and then enter your activation code from your TV screen.

Detailed Instructions to activate lesmillsondemand

  1. Open the MILLS+ App on your TV.
  2. You will see the following screen when you click SIGN in. Your unique activation code is at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Navigate to watch.lesmillsondemand.com/activate on another device, such as your phone or computer
  4. You will see the screen below. Before you can activate, you must login

    If you have already signed in, skip to Step 6.

    • Enter you email address to select Next
    • Open the email we have sent you from any device.
    • To confirm your sign-in, click the link
  5. Return to watch.lesmillsondemand.com/activate Now, you’ll see the following instead
  6. Enter the code from your TV onto this screen and click CONNECT DEVICE

You are now ready to go, as your TV screen will update automatically.


Why should I sign in lesmillsondemand?

To activate the TV, you must be signed in.

How can I tell if I’m signed-in?

Sign in to see the green profile circle at the top of this page instead of the option to SIGN in.

The lesmillsondemand activation code is not visible.

The activation code will not be visible until you have signed out from your TV device. After that, start the sign-in process.

Sign out first if you need to activate your device again (e.g. if your email address has changed).

Why does the lesmillsondemand activation link not work?

There is a possibility that you have accidentally typed the address manually.

Please copy and paste or click this link directly to go to the activation page: https://watch.lesmillsondemand.com/activate

What do I need to do lesmillsondemand activate on my TV?

You can sign in to your account on any device and activate it! We recommend that you sign in to your account on another device, such as your smartphone or computer, for a seamless experience.

By Manali