Looking at the first quarter of 2018, what do the predictions for AI look like? First, AI is already a factor in all industries on the planet.

Here are some areas AI could play a larger role in our daily lives in 2022.

Markets for data

AI loves data, and AI gathers that data has increased data’s value as a competitive advantage.

Privacy Regulations

There are privacy regulations in place and programs to educate the general public about how data can used. These initiatives will empower individuals to exercise their rights.

The convergence of these forces has already resulted in data marketplaces. Data marketplaces are online marketplaces where individuals and companies can sell and buy data.

Data marketplaces can combine many methods. For instance, data owners can benefit from data usage by having access to their data democratized, privacy restricted, and monetization methods all in one.

AI and Metaverse collide

The metaverse incorporates virtual reality, enhanced reality, online realms, tailored experiences, gaming, and other forms of virtual reality. This allows people completely online to communicate, transact, and build their personalities.

Many firms are fighting for control over certain aspects of metaverse. Roblox is one example of such a company. What does this all have to do artificial intelligence? AI can serve a number of functions in cloud computing, including creating artificial people and writing stories. VR experiences can also be improved by AI.

The AI-Enabled Doctor

AI is no longer understood solely by data scientists.

AI is a growing skill set that is required for many jobs. AI exists in every industry. Every government makes AI policies. Each year, new laws are introduced to deal with AI and other elements like privacy.

AI-Enabled Professionals will grow. This is because AI is being recognized by more people, regardless of whether they are in medicine or law.

Everything can be customized

Recommendations Systems and Dynamic Pricing are two of AI’s most popular commercially-profitable applications.

It may seem strange, but AIs never sleep and learn constantly about us. This trend is likely to continue for many years.

Everything we receive online is tailored for us as individuals (whether it’s sales, coupons, recommendations or prices). You can expect to see more information online about yourself. Chatbots, digital advisors, and many other methods can collect intelligence.

Although collecting information can be exhilarating to some, it can also cause concern to others. Some wonder where all of this information is stored. Who will be able access information about me in the near future? Why do salespeople feel it’s OK for them to push, shove, push and then sell, sale, sell to my face when I don’t want it?

AI as a Educational Requirement

In order to keep up technologically advanced standards in education, it takes time. India, for example. It has automated intelligence test standards for K-12. AI is a vital subject in schools. Future is bright for in-house course curriculum training.

Robots in your House

Siri and Alexa, among others, have been around since a while. But, what about house bots?

AI-powered devices are not new to the home (e.g. Roomba), but more general-purpose AI -powered robots were introduced this year. Amazon recently launched Astro, an AI-powered robot which can monitor security and track your movements around the house.

Creativity boost

AI has shown remarkable creative talents. They can write poetry and paint, as well as compose music. What does this mean? What will this look like for shoppers?

You can expect to see Artificial Intelligence-assisted creativity in your favorite apps. Apps that produce presentations for you at your workplace, to apps that cook dinner for yourself. Will there be a uniform procedure? What will the quality be?


AI’s growth as a technology is exponential. Artificial Intelligence-powered products and technologies will continue to make an impact on our lives every day.

2022 looks like the Year of AI Supremacy. And not in a bad robot evil way. It is a way to make business easier and more profitable.

Many people and managers have the wrong impression that Automated Algorithms stop creativity. These Luddites will always be open to learning about glitches in platforms and the cloud.

Intelligent workers and managers realize that each technological advance, no matter how automated, has the potential to improve and increase productivity.

It seems like most people in business are worried about AI. But AI means moving forward in spite of what we don’t understand yet.

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By Manali