There are a lot of different inverters available out on the market, and the right one for you will vary depending on several factors, including your system type, system size, budget, personal priorities, and other important considerations. However, the Samlex inverter and charger are ideal for many solar power systems. What makes it such a popular choice? Keep reading to learn more about some of this model’s key benefits and features.

AC Inputs

The Samlex pure sine wave inverter/charger has not 1 but 2 AC inputs. This allows you to connect it to the grid and a generator, if desired, simultaneously. The inverter will prioritize the grid but can easily switch to generator power when needed, without the need to reconfigure your system for different power sources.

The generator input is also explicitly designed to tolerate waveform distortion. It can be initiated by status relay contactor and can be programmed to activate when grid power is lost automatically.

Solar Input

Your solar charge controller can connect directly to the inverter/charger through the battery charger external DC input. This allows for seamless integration of solar charging into the inverter system. A solar inverter wouldn’t be a solar inverter if it didn’t have solar input.

Battery Charger

Prioritizing battery usage can save you money every month. This piece of equipment can be set to “Online Mode,” prioritizing using the batteries and inverter overusing the grid. This is ideal for solar power users who want to get more use out of the energy they generate rather than automatically relying on the grid when solar power is unavailable.

The adaptive algorithm for this inverter/charger assesses the battery’s condition, and subsequent charging stages are based on the condition of the battery rather than pre-set time periods. This prevents unnecessary charging and extends the life of the batteries.

Intelligent Technology

Samlex’s inverter and the charger have state-of-the-art technology built into it to optimize efficiency and minimize errors. It has 9 points of protection, monitoring, and scanning up to 10,000 times per second for any adverse conditions. It will initiate a shutdown before damage occurs if it detects faulty conditions. It also stores data for you or your solar service provider to analyze so that you can improve the efficiency of your solar usage.

The Samlex inverter/charger is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an inverter.

By Manali