Bounce houses are a pretty hot commodity as far as attractions at children’s parties go. Bounce house rental can be found all over the place, from big national companies to individual people who own their own bounce houses and want to make a quick buck on weekends

Bounce houses come in many shapes and sizes, but the basic design is an inflated enclosure that kids can jump around in.

Bounce houses, or moonwalks as they are sometimes called, have been a staple of children’s parties for many years now.

That being the case, there must be some pretty good reasons why kids love bounce houses so much, right? So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Love Bounce House:

1. Bounce Houses Are Fun

This one was so obvious that it didn’t even need any explanation. Bounce houses are plain fun, and kids jump at the chance to have a little bit of fun without having to worry about getting into trouble or breaking anything.

Bounce houses offer children the opportunity to let off some steam in a safe environment, which is especially good for kids who have been cooped up all day at school.

2. Kids Can Jump As High As They Want To

One of the best things about jumping around in a bounce house is that there are no rules or instruction manuals.

Kids can pretty much do whatever they want to, and there are no repercussions either because nobody gets hurt!

Kids are often told “no” or have to do certain things, so being able to jump around however they please is the best part about moonwalks.

3. Bounce Houses Are Good Exercise

Kids might not want to admit it, but bouncing around in a bounce house is pretty tiring work. Some kids even get a little bit of exercise out of it, which can be good for them. And hey, maybe bouncing around in a bounce house will make kids more likely to go outside and play? It’s possible.

4. Bounce Houses Are Customizable

There are so many different themes that kids can choose from when they rent a moonwalk.

However, even if your child’s favorite character or color isn’t available, it’s possible to get the moonwalk customized almost any way you want.

Moonwalks can be decorated with all kinds of colorful designs and cartoon characters, which kids find pretty cool because they’re not very common for this type of thing.

5. Bounce Houses Keep Children Happy

When some kids are left on their own, the first thing they want to do is watch TV or play on a phone. But when children are in a bounce house, there’s no time for that because all they want to do is jump around!

Bouncing around in even just one bounce house can keep kids entertained for hours on end without any auxiliary entertainment, making it the perfect party entertainment for parents.

6. Bounce Houses Are Colorful

Kids love bright colors, and bounce houses offer the chance to jump around in a colorful environment.

The bounce house have tons of different colored shapes, which kids find pretty cool to look at while they’re jumping around because, let’s face it, kids like to look at bright colors.

7. Bounce Houses Are Fun For Everyone

Maybe some adults don’t like jump houses because they find them childish or silly, but the simple fact is that bounce houses are fun for everybody!

Kids love bouncing around in these colorful inflatables, and adult guests will likely enjoy themselves too. If parents are worried about not having fun, they can always sit down inside the house with the birthday child!

8. Bounce Houses Are Cool To Look At

The beauty of these inflatable structures is that they’re just plain cool to look at. Kids find it pretty amazing that something so colorful could appear out of nowhere, and they often stare at the moonwalk with big eyes while they jump.

It’s a pretty cool sight to see, and it’s one that kids will remember for a long time because most things you do when you’re a kid are pretty fun to look back on.

9. Bounce Houses Can Have Water Slides

Who doesn’t love a good water slide? Some people don’t, but if you’re like most people, then you will find that bounce houses with water slides are neat to look at.

Kids get to experience the joy of going down on Water Slide Rentals without having to go inside a building, which is pretty cool! All they have to do is jump up onto the slide and go down, which is a pretty fun activity for children.

10. Bounce Houses Stand Out At Parties

If you’re planning on throwing a party and want to set it apart from others, then consider getting a Party Rentals Phoenix! Having a bounce house at a party is a great way to make it stand out from the rest. While pogo sticking may not be a traditional party game, it can be a fun activity for children looking for a physical and energetic challenge. If your guests are open to trying new and active games, pogo-sticking can be a great addition to your party. If you want to know how to pogo stick, there are many tutorials available online that can teach you the basics. However, it’s crucial to ensure the area is suitable for pogo sticking and there is enough space for everyone to jump safely, especially with proper supervision for children to prevent any accidents.

Most people don’t think of moonwalks as traditional party entertainment, so your child’s birthday party will be a unique one if you choose to have a bounce house.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things traditional, but moonwalks are certainly a fun change of pace!


Bounce houses are pretty cool to look at, and they can keep kids entertained for hours on end. Kids often find these inflatable structures exciting because of how colorful they are, and moonwalks with slides can be even more exciting.

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By Manali