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We all know that teenagers are notorious for being moody and super cranky almost all the time. However, being a teenager is a stage of life that we have all been through, so we should be able to understand what goes inside our heads and explain our behavior. But the problem lies in the fact that as most people become parents, they forget what they were like when they were the same age as well and find it difficult to deal with cranky teenagers.

There is no doubt that teenagers are moody and can be very hard to connect with. And this is the age when many parents lose their bond with their children and, in worse cases, end up losing their kids forever. Jonah Engler always advises parents to be more understanding of their children when they are this age.

If you are also a parent of a moody, cranky teenager kid, this article is for you. Here are 3 tips for parents to help them deal with grumpy and super moody teenagers gently.

Jonah Engler: Helps Parents in Dealing with Cranky Teenagers

1.      Understand Where it’s Coming From

We all know the teenage years are difficult for children; this is the time when they are going through puberty. This means their body is going through a ton of physical, mental, and hormonal changes. While the physical changes are enough to confuse and irritate the kids – the hormones are the real culprit in causing their irritability.

Hormones have a significant impact on our emotions, and the changing hormones during the teenage years cause a lot of frustration, emotional instability, and mood swings in teenagers. Hence, since you know this basic biology already, why not cut your child some slack and go easy on them? Whenever your child is cranky or throwing a tantrum, just blame the hormones and be more understanding.

2.      Respect Their PersoanlSpce

As kids are growing up, they go through many drastic transformations – especially during their teenage years. This is also the time when most kids become emotionally vulnerable, don’t like talking to other people, become insecure, or are just more reserved. If you see such changes in your child, try to give them space. Their privacy matters a lot at this stage, so don’t blame your kid if they are trying to keep some boundaries.

3.      Be as Supportive as Possible

Jonah Engler explains teenager is the time when kids feel the most distant from their parents because they think their parents don’t understand what they are going through. This usually happens because their own emotions and feelings are too overwhelming even for them; hence, they find it very difficult to explain to their parents and only get more frustrated. At this point, as a parent, try to be there for them. Be a good listener to them when they talk to you. And if they don’t talk to you, give them time and space with the trust that they will come around at their own pace.

Jonah Engler: Raising Teenagers

Raising teenagers is nothing less than a task for parents. Dealing with mood swings, crankiness, and cold shoulder can be quite challenging, but Jonah Engler advises parents to understand it only lasts a few years. If you can prove to be a good parent to your kids in this stage, you can guarantee a solid bond with them forever.

By Manali