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As it stands, most people are not very good at focusing. In fact, almost everybody is guilty of the occasional distraction which often leads to procrastinating or doing poorly on an assignment. But soon, a new app will be released that promises to be the key to success in one’s life! It is called superslot and it’s changing the way people think about distractions and productivity. Super Slot is a productivity app that is designed to help people focus. It has various features which are all easy to use and understand. The app notes how long someone has been focusing, and how much time they have wasted on distractions such as opening their gallery or checking email. Super Slot then reminds the user to focus on their task and to keep it in mind.

 was created by a team of psychologists and cognitive experts at Johns Hopkins University. The creator of Super Slot is Dr. Jonathan Schooler, a cognitive psychologist who sought to find more effective ways of controlling people’s attention so they could be more productive during the day. For example, if you are constantly busy switching between tasks throughout your entire day, then Super Slot can tell you how much time you should spend on each task.

Fast-Track Your SUPERSLOT

In addition to helping people be more productive, Super Slot comes with awesome features such as:

1) A list of your top three tasks and how long you should spend on them every day

2) FREE Unlimited app usage (long as you’re online)

3) Create up to 3 slots in which you can focus on your tasks

4) See how well you are doing at focusing on each of your slots

Key Features Of Super Slot:

Below are some features of this extraordinary app that will have the user thinking twice before they check their email or browse.

1) How much time you should spend on each task

2) Split up your time wisely by constantly keeping track of how much you’ve focused and how much more you need to focus

3) A running total of how much time is left in each slot (in percentages)

4) A counter that keeps track of how often the user has been distracted by a notification, or by checking email, text messages, or social media.

Fun Fact:

For people who actually want to learn about cognitive psychology, you can read more superslot about Jonathan Schoolmaster’s expertise on the subject at this website . He has been a professor of psychology at several universities including the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Alberta. He is also an active researcher and has won awards for his work.

The Ultimate Deal On SUPERSLOT

Under the current promotion, this app is available for $0.99 on the iTunes app store. That’s a tenth of the normal price but still a very reasonable price for a productivity app, especially for someone who is interested enough in how it works to read through this blog post! The price will go up to $4.99 after December 31st, so I suggest availing yourself of this offer before that day or else you will be paying full price. Go to our app store link for more details (Click Here).

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1) Tweet about this blog post and make sure to mention that you are trying out the app

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3) You could also use superslot on your own website where you can take advantage of the various tools it provides in order to entice people to download it.

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5) If you already have an app but are looking to make more money off of it, you can promote Super Slot as being perfect for your app users.

The Easy Way SUPERSLOT Shortcuts

You can learn more about the app by going to their website. If you have any outstanding questions, you can also ask them at this post on Reddit .

You can also answer any of these questions at the end of this blog post. After doing so, you will be given a chance to earn points which could be used towards a free download of superslot. If you need more help, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email at [email protected.

The Quickest & Easiest Way To SUPERSLOT

If you want to make this process even easier, you can sign up for a free account at the iTunes app store. This will allow you to easily purchase the app and then install it on your device. You will be able to access the app through iTunes on your computer or on your iPad or iPhone. You should note that you will not have access to Super Slot unless you subscribed to their website where you can purchase the app at its full price of $4.99.

Where is Super Slot?

Super Slot is located in the productivity section of the iTunes app store. If you are on a computer, tap on the link below to view the app in iTunes. You will be able to see details about this app and purchase it through iTunes if you so choose. 

This blog post was sponsored by superslot and I was given free copies of this app in order to help spread awareness of it and its unique features. I have therefore been compensated to write this post and you will find out the amount at the end of this article. The opinions expressed in this article are my own and are not influenced in any way. I am writing my own review in order to spread awareness of this app among people who might need it. All opinions expressed are also based on my personal feelings and experiences with it.

By Manali