Qatar has some of the best locations in the Middle East to rent luxurious apartments. The oil-rich state has become the epitome of modern development, with several man-made structures that mimic the natural scenery.

The Pearl Qatar is a similar man-made island that is the zenith of luxury and opulence off the Doha coast. The demand for The Pearl apartments for rent is high among foreign nationals because of their distinctive quality. The infrastructure and amenities on this artificial island provide a high standard of living that gives you a class like no other.

FGREALTY is a Qatar real estate company that assists clients in finding the most glamorous high-end properties with state-of-the-art amenities in The Pearl. We understand the exclusive lifestyle of the residents and help them find the most comfortable Pearl apartments for rent. Whether renting a furnished apartment in The Pearl is a good idea or not, we are here to help.

What is a Furnished Apartment? 

There are several properties for rent in Doha, so it’s essential to understand what makes a furnished apartment different from other properties.

A furnished apartment has all the furniture that a person will usually require to live comfortably. Most apartments in Qatar need to be furnished, but if you rent in a luxurious place like The Pearl, finding furnished apartments will be easy. The location aims to provide properties for rent in Doha for people who put luxury and comfort over anything else. Furnished apartments typically have higher rents.

What Will You Get With Furnished Apartments for Rent in the Pearl? 

Most furnished Pearl apartments for rent will have a living bedroom with at least a sofa, table, and lamp. If the property is luxurious, there will also be a coffee table and bookshelf. Most fully furnished properties for rent in Doha have a bedroom with a dresser, a bed, a nightstand with a lamp, and a desk. High-end apartments for rent in Qatar often have attached and separate bathrooms. If the property is furnished, a bathroom will have a shower curtain, wastebasket, and a floor mat. One of the essential aspects of furnished apartments is the kitchen. He furnished Pearl apartment for rent kitchen will be stocked with utensils, dishes, glassware, appliances, and pots and pans.

Where to find furnished apartments for rent in The Pearl?

Finding a valuable apartment for rent in The Pearl is easy if you know where to look. A property portal in Qatar is an ideal place to start looking for such apartments. is where you can find some of the best-furnished properties for rent in Doha. Notably, apartments for rent in The Pearl listed on the website get the most visitors looking for furnished apartments.

As one of the most successful Qatar real estate companies, our real estate agents handpick the best properties from all the ten districts in The Pearl Qatar, namely: Abraj Quartier, Porto Arabia, Qanat Quartier, Costa Malaz, Giardino Village, Medina Centrale, Perlita Gardens, Viva Bahriya, Floresta Gardens, and Isola Dana.

This Danat Qatar’s fully furnished 3-bedroom apartment in The Pearl is an excellent option if you’re looking for a property for rent for your family. The property is exclusively curious with all the furniture and decor. It is located near the United School International and Giardino Mall. It has all the amenities you require plus much more.

And if you’re looking for affordable Pearl apartments for rent, this fully furnished one-bedroom apartment in The Pearl. It features one master bedroom with an attached bathroom, a spacious living and dining area, two balconies, a fully equipped open kitchen, and wooden floors. Among amenities, you get an outdoor swimming pool with a waterfall, gymnasium, Jacuzzi, lounge, cafeteria, and barbecue area.

Why furnished apartment is a good idea?

Furnished properties for rent in Doha are better if you are an expat, as you won’t have to spend on buying furniture or appliances. Most people think that the higher rent is a drawback of furnished apartments, but when you consider the facilities you get, they are reasonably priced.

Furnished apartments for rent in Qatar are also good options for people staying for the short term. You will only want to buy furniture if you plan to stay long. Furnished apartments are ready to move in, implying that you must carry a suitcase and settle in.

However, there are a few considerations before choosing a furnished apartment. Such properties have a higher potential for damage which is why the security deposit is increased.


We hope you understand whether it’s a good idea to rent a furnished apartment in The Pearl. The decision is primarily based on what standard of living you prefer to live by. If luxury and comfort are non-negotiable, then furnished Pearl apartments for rent are best for you.

By Manali