If you’re trying to figure out what is the scope of digital marketing in India and worldwide after pursuing a course from IIT, then this blog can surely be a great headstart for you. 

IIT being one of the largest educational institutions in the world, brings enormous career benefits and opportunities to the students and helps them become the leaders of tomorrow.

Well, who doesn’t want to get a course and receive a certification from IIT? 3 out of 5 students dream of getting into IIT and aspire to land their dream jobs after digital marketing course.

Essential Components of an IIT Accredited Course for Career Success  

The major components of Digital Marketing courses from IIT are:

  1. Get a certification from one of the premier institutes in India that is recognised worldwide. 
  2. Learn from interactive online sessions and recorded lectures with industry-centric capstone projects. 
  3. Deep dive into industry insights and stay updated for the upcoming 10 years.
  4. Expand your network while learning and be among the top 3% of candidates. 
  5. Get a program completion certificate accredited by IIT which adds 5x value to your resume. 

But, the questions arise – 

Is it that easy to get an IIT accredited course? 

How do you get access to these certification courses? 

Get Certified with Advanced Certification Program in Marketing in just 24 Weeks

Well, the answer to this question is Expertrons Advanced Certification Program in Marketing powered by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati. The expert-led LIVE sessions not just makes you industry-ready but widens the scope of digital marketing for you. 

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If you’re a student in the final year of graduation or a graduate or a professional (with upto 5 years of experience), you’re eligible for this course. 

See what this program offers: 

  1. Certification by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati
  2. World-class Teaching Faculty 
  3. Live Sessions & Industry-Centric Curriculum
  4. Assignment assessments and Evaluation by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati
  5. 24 weeks of Intensive Training
  6. Access to Corporate Readiness Sessions
  7. Advanced Marketing Capstones
  8. 360-Degree Career Assistance
  9. Final Assessment by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati
  10. Certification will be listed on E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati website

Career Opportunities in Marketing await ‘YOU’

Digital Marketing is the new buzzword around town and the craze for this has crossed all limits. 

In fact, you can earn a great amount of salary so they have many career options such as starting a business or can be hired by the top companies. 

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And once you master the course, you will be valued no matter what your potential employer is looking for.

By Manali