When the exterior of the home starts to look a little drab, homeowners have plenty of options to consider. A new look can help the house sell, can make it look better when anyone drives by and can help the homeowner love their home more. Some of the best ways to upgrade the exterior of the home and give it a new look include the following. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A new paint job can make a huge difference in how the house looks, even if there isn’t a drastic change in colors. When planning to paint your house, be sure to get expert advice to find the right colors and type of paint to use. The color can make a difference in how the house looks as well as other things like how hot the house gets during the summer. Choosing the right paint can help it last longer, so it won’t need to be touched up anytime soon. 

Change the Plants

How does the landscaping look in the front yard? It’s crucial to choose the right plants, whether the goal is something that’s easy to care for or something that’s going to impress the neighbors. Take the time to learn more about what grows in the local area, what does well in the amount of shade the yard receives, and that’s going to have the appropriate care level for whoever is taking care of the gardens. 

Add a Walkway

A walkway can make the home feel more welcoming. It can also add a little more hardscaping to the yard, which can improve the resale value as well as boost the look of the home. Walkways can vary from solid concrete to stepping stones spread out and can go past the gardens, to the side yard, up to the front door, or anywhere else. Homeowners can add the walkway on their own, depending on the materials needed, or work with a professional. 

Increase Lighting at Night

Lighting helps make the home safer, as it can cause burglars to think twice about trying to get in. Beyond security, however, the right lighting can also help prevent anyone from falling. It’s all too easy to trip when it’s not possible to see the ground. Using a few lighting ideas to illuminate the yard can minimize the chance of anyone getting hurt and add to the look of the home at night. 

Add Unique Decor

Decor can include everything from a fancy birdbath to garden gnomes hiding in the flowerbeds. Choosing unique decor adds a more personal touch to the front yard and can be a great way to enhance the overall look of the home. Any decor will work, so long as it’s rated for outdoor use and can help show personal tastes to make the home stand out. 

No matter the end goal, if it’s time to upgrade the exterior of your home to get a fresh, new look, these ideas are a great starting point. Take the time to look into each of the options more to decide what’s going to have the biggest impact, then start working on the changes right away. By getting started now, it’s easy to improve the look of the home in no time and create a space that’s more personal as well as impressive. 

By Manali