How to Make a Girl’s Dress From a Shirt?

In this detailed guide, learn how to make a girl’s dress from a shirt. We have come up with a few steps to do so. You can have your own girl’s dress from your own t-shirt in just 30 minutes or so. This can be a DIY project, and extremely beginner-friendly. It can be one of the fastest sewing projects that you will ever try. Since you are using an existing t-shirt, there is no need to finish the sleeve hems or neckline.

Also, the skirt part comes extremely fast. In order to set yourself up for a successful DIY project, you will need a stretch needle or a ballpoint needle. At times, jersey needles don’t really work with jersey fabric on some sewing machines. Hence, stretch needles are a better choice. A 90/14 stretch needle is a perfect option. So, here is the simple princess of making a girl’s dress from a shirt.

The Simple Process of Turning a Shirt into a Dress

Choose a t-shirt that fits your kid in the best possible fashion. Also, get a yard of fabric for the skirt. It may depend on the desired length of the skirt or the size of the shirt. Decide where you want to begin. Lay your t-shirt flat and then mark a couple of points on both sides of it. You can start 3 ½ inches below the underarm. Now, draw a line from one of the sides to the other and then cut the t-shirt.

Use a ½ inch seam allowance for sewing the center back of your skirt. Now, backstitch at the start and the end. Finish the raw edge of the seam allowance. You may use your serger. Don’t forget to press the seam. Use a longer stitch gathering, the length of the stitch can be 4.0, for making two parallel rows of stitching along the skirt’s top edge. Leave longer tails and don’t backstitch at any end.

Now, start pulling both the bobbin threads for gathering the skirt. You can gather the top of your skirt for fitting your t-shirt hem. Readjust the gathers in order to distribute them in an even manner. Place the t-shirt inside your skirt and line up the raw edges. Make sure that the right sides of both the skirt and the shirt are touching as you sew the waist seam. Sew the skirt to the shirt with a ½ inch seam allowance and ensure not to stretch the t-shirt fabric while doing so. Finish the seam now, and press it flat using an iron. Finally, topstitch on your shirt for catching the seam allowance under it. Now, stitch ¼ inch from the waist seam.

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By Manali