It is only when the sales and marketing strategies align, can businesses thrive. The sales funnel, or the purchase funnel is the process that directly impacts how much money your business will make. With each stage narrowing down from the top, it filters the unnecessary elements to push only the qualified prospects forward.

Sales funnels are your best chance of impacting future prospects despite not being optimally perfect. The question is, how do you optimise it? From creating informative and educational content to using engaging media, all can be useful. Using video tech for sales, for example, is an excellent way of building better brand awareness.

Here’s how you can engage more audiences with the right sales funnel tactics.

Understanding the Audience

This is the most crucial step of any business sales funnel. Without having a deep understanding of your potential audience, you can never fully optimise the sales funnel. Moreover, a better experience will allow you to cater to their marketing better.

Without this, you might end up targeting the wrong customers, which will be a waste of money. You can take advantage of various traffic analytics tools and study competitor resources to understand your audience better.

Nurture Your Leads

Once you have understood your audience and got potential leads, another important step to converting these leads into sales is to build rapport with your customers. But building a good relationship with your customer takes time and dedication. It is very difficult and time-consuming to build one-on-one relationships with all of the customers. This is when the much-talked-about and preferred technology like salestracking software comes into the picture.

As a business owner or sales professional, you only have a limited number of hours in a day. Using this kind of software helps you customize and automate your campaigns so that you can use your valuable time to focus on something more important without any sort of compromise to nurturing your leads well. These tools will help you to customize and automate all the follow-up messages and also provides you with detailed analytics on how successful your campaigns have been.

Creating Content to Answer Queries

This is the next step of the process which also helps build your brand authority. By answering relevant queries of the potential customers, you gain their trust. This, in turn, also helps in building strong brand awareness within your niche.

So, you should focus on creating better content that will help the audience with their problems. It is beneficial for both you and the customers to find a reliable expert in the field.

Utilising Email Marketing

Email addresses are a great tool that you should never overlook. It gives you a chance to build a one-on-one relationship with your potential consumers. If a prospect shares their email address with you, the game is half won. Use this opportunity to gain their trust and offer your help in areas that interest them.

One thing you should ensure while doing this is never to go overboard. A lot of companies make the mistake of bombarding the inbox of consumers. This over-enthusiasm can do more harm than good, so your approach needs to be more subtle.

Optimising Engagement via Media

Engaging media content is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and educate the audience at the same time. With interactive content, like videos gaining popularity, brands are a gold mine. Did you know that 86% of video marketers focus on effective video content for lead generation?

Moreover, video transcripts also tend to reduce the bounce rate of your website and get more engagement faster. The best part is that you need to be a video wizard to avail yourself of this benefit. Various video tech for sales and marketing tactics can help your business. This also allows you to go beyond simple studio shots.

Sharing Customer Stories and Reviews

Nothing builds trust about your brand than the feedback of other consumers. Believe it or not, word of mouth still plays a vital role in marketing. Testimonials, client reviews, and consumer stories act as social proof of your legitimacy in the digital world.


You need to understand that not all potential consumers will convert into leads. However, taking the right approach can increase your chances. The above few easy methods can go a long way in building the perfect sales funnel.

Following this will guarantee better lead generation as well as spread brand awareness. So, get started on using these tactics today to grow your business.

By Manali