In Australia, the e-cigarette market has increased during the last decade. It’s gotten so far from its original focus on tobacco and vaporisers that it’s nearly unrecognisable. Because of the wide variety of e-cigarettes and e-liquids on the market, new vapers may have difficulty deciding what to buy. New vapers will benefit from this guide, which provides an overview of the most incredible vape juices on the market, including Charlie’s chalk dust and other current variations of vape juices.

What is Vape Juice, and how does it differ from regular e-liquid?

To put it simply, e-liquid is made up of nicotine and flavourings inhaled via the vaporiser and steam. Also known as e-liquid and nicotine may be omitted from the mixture. When combined with nicotine, the liquid acts like a regular cigarette, delivering the drug to the body with no unpleasant side effects, contaminants, or aftertaste. Propylene glycol, food flavourings, nicotine, and other compounds are often included in e-liquids, as well as the water necessary to produce the vapour.

There is a battery, a tank, and an atomiser coil in most e-cigarettes. As soon as vape juice is added to the tank, it soaks the coil, causing the battery to heat up and produce vapour. Only one difference: the smoke is drawn into the lungs directly by mouth inhalation rather than via heating water. Choosing a suitable liquid is the most challenging aspect.

Ratios of Vape Juice to Liquid

Vape juice is available in various ‘ratios,’ referred to as PG and VG, inserted into the vaping apparatus. PG 70/30, for example, indicates that the e-liquid has 70% PG and 30% VG by volume on the bottle’s label. The 50/50 components may be purchased or customised, as shown below.

Vape Juices with PG

As PG-based e-liquid has a more excellent nicotine content, it is utilised by those trying to quit smoking. As a result, it mimics the sensation of smoking rather than creating large clouds that perform acrobatics. Higher nicotine strengths are possible since PG-based e-liquids are vaped at a lower temperature. Vape pens or other non-sub-ohm devices are often required for vape liquids that contain more than 70% PG.

Vape Juices with a High Concentration of VG

These vape liquids are highly sought after for their enormous clouds and unusual flavours. They’re thicker and have a higher VG content than most other e-liquids. The nicotine content in e-cigarettes is lower since they are vaporised at a greater temperature. These e-liquids are ideal for vapers trying new flavours and elaborate vaping techniques.

The Use of Limited Fills

Nicotine-free vape juices are packaged in bottles that allow users to add their nicotine level. It enables consumers to purchase significant volumes of flavorful vape juice for long-term usage. Various types of vapers have different tastes in e-liquid, which is why there are so many options.

What to look for in a vape juice

Many factors to consider while choosing a vape juice include Charlie’s chalk dust, motivation, the amount of nicotine being inhaled, and personal taste preferences. Heavy smokers who wish to transition to e-cigarettes may want to proceed right to the part that offers nicotine levels as high as feasible. To have the best pleasure, though, it may not be essential. Experimenting with various ratios to see what works best for you is an excellent way to discover what works best. Light smokers might benefit most from PG/VG ratios that are split 50/50. Short-fill nicotine-free bottles are an option for nonsmokers who wish to try vaping.

By Manali