Hello Everyone, In this post I am Going to tell you how you can fix your keyboard-related problems; it’s just a matter of how quickly, and whether or not you’ll have to pay to get the job done.

As we all face this type of problem while Coding or Video Editing. Many users find this issue very frustrating. In this post, I am going to tell you 7 Perfect ways by which you can resolve your Keyboard Key problem.

By Following ways, You can surely solve your Keyboard Keys Error.

1) Try to restart or reboot your PC/Laptop.

2) Troubleshoot your hardware issues.

3) Update your Keyboard drivers (if not Updated)

4) Try to clean your keyboard with a clean tissue.

5) Try to reconnect keyboard USB chord.

6) Check your PC/laptop Keyboard’s Settings.

7) Try for SFC Scan.

 1) Try to restart or reboot your PC/Laptop

Well we all know this universal trick, whenever we facing laptop problems we try to reboot or restart our following system.

For this step, Go to your start menu on windows 11, click on power and then click on restart option. Then turn it back on with the press of a button and see if that solved the problem.

2) Troubleshoot your hardware issues

There is a chance that your Keyboard is not working is can be Hardware or Software Issue. After Rebooting your System go to Systems’s Bio. To Enter into BIOS or UEFI tap on F1, F2, Esc and DEL. This is a way to enter into older system BIOS. To Run BIOS in Newer systems (Windows 10). You have to do following Steps.

1.  Select Settings > Update & Security > Recovery.

2.  Now under the Advanced startup option, click on Restart now.

3.  On the next menu, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware Settings (choose Start up Settings if you don’t see this option).

3) Update your Keyboard drivers ( if not Updated)

This is the topmost issue for not working of your Keyboard keys. Check whether your Keyboard drivers are updated or not. To check it simply type Device Manager in search bars and click Enter.

Browse the following list and try to find Keyboard Drivers from the list. Right click on the keyboard option and select properties from the Driver Option.

Now click on Update drivers, it will simply Reconnect and Install latest Driver of Keyboard on your following System. In case, you have already updated your Drivers try to Uninstall and then again install your Keyboard drivers to the latest version. This is best way to troubleshoot your keyboard driver’s issue.

4) Try to clean your keyboard with a clean tissue.

This is a difficult task to clean your Keyboard. If its Laptop’s Keyboard things might get tuffer. Cleaning a keyboard is not an easy job. However you can do the basic cleaning of your Keyboard. First shutdown your following system. Then slowly clean the space between keyboard’s buttons with help of a tissue, you can use your fingers while tapping on keyboard. Now slowly shake your keyboard to cleaning the sticky dust from the keyboard. Sometimes dirt can temporally stop functioning of your keyboard. This step might help you solving your Keyboard Issue.

 5) Try to reconnect keyboard USB chord.

This step might came to your mind too. Try to Reconnect your Keyboard to PC if you are using Personal Computer. This step might resolve your Issue. Sometimes keyboard stop functioning due to chord issue. Try to plug your Keyboard chord into PC 2-3 times. This is also a Basic but working way to Fix your Keyboard Problem. But unluckily, this step now working for laptop users. As keyboard is inbuilt to the system.

6) Check your PC/laptop Keyboard’s Settings.

If you are facing lagging of your system because of typing, time to check your keyboard settings. While heavy gaming on laptop or while rendering through different software. Most of the users face this typing lag issue. For accessing this feature, go to search bar and type “Ease of access keyboard setting”. This feature is available in all versions of WINDOWS.

Now, click of “Ease of access keyboard setting” and turn on “use filter keys” option. If its already turned on, try to off and again on this feature. This Step is working will surely resolve your system’s lag issue.

7)  Try for SFC Scan.

This is last but not the least step, First of all it stands for SYSTEM FILE CHECKER (SFC) is a Microsoft windows, which allow user to scan and resolve corrupted files from your system.

To Try this feature, Go to start menu and Enter into Command prompt window. Now Type “sfs/scannow” and type Enter and select “Run as Administrator”

This step will properly check your system’s corrupted files and resolve them. After the full scan, you have to reboot your system.

So Guys, By following steps you can resolve your Issue. I hope one of following step works for you. Feel free to hit the comment section.

By Manali

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