Internet listing service (ILS) sites have become the bread and butter of real estate marketers. It’s a great way to ensure your property has a digital presence to bring in potential buyers. But how do you choose the perfect ILS site to market your property? This article provides you with five tips on finding the best internet listing service.

1. High-Quality Visuals

Images in online real estate marketing matter. With dozens of internet listing services online, buyers struggle to find one that offers value for their money. They go through several real estate website listings before deciding which is valuable. The first impression of an ILS site can make or break the buying process. And buyers get impressed by the high-quality visuals of your property even before they learn other details. As someone who is marketing a home or property, it’s your job to find an internet service that has invested in professional photos. Buyers will view pictures and decide within seconds which property is worth buying. To attract potential buyers’ attention, look for ILS sites that work with professional photographers. The idea is to find those that offer crisp, clear, and bright photos with a full 3D experience.

2. Impressive Descriptions

After viewing property photos, visitors will want to learn more. They will look for descriptions of features of your property and how those features will benefit them. A good listing service should offer impressive property descriptions to grab potential buyers’ attention. Remember, online readers have short attention spans. They’ll be gone if you don’t capture their attention within the first few seconds. Look for a site that can describe your property’s best features in a concise way. If possible, look for ILS sites that describe amenities and features in no more than 200 words. Additionally, look for an ILS site that uses strong power words to provide engaging property descriptions. The goal is to make visitors imagine what life will look like once they buy or rent your property.

3. Competitive Fees

When comparing ILS sites to determine which one suits your needs, consider the fee they charge. ILS sites have different pricing models depending on the services they offer. A good internet listing service should have competitive prices that attract more real estate agents. Learn about your ILS’s pricing model to determine the subscription and pay-per-lease fees. Ensure your choice of an ILS site doesn’t compromise on services by charging way less than its competitors. But also be wary of an ILS with exorbitant prices. Find something in between that you feel comfortable with.

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4. User-Friendly Internet Listing Service Site

User experience is a critical factor in online real estate marketing. If you choose a web listing service with good usability, you will likely attract more potential buyers.A good ILS site should make it easier for visitors to find the information they want about homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio. User-friendly ILS for real estate marketing should be:

Compatible with Mobiles

Ensure your choice of an ILS site is mobile optimized. Most potential buyers and renters use mobile phones to access ILS sites. If they don’t find the information they want using their mobile phones, they will go to other sites.

Fast Loading Time

As mentioned earlier, online consumers have short attention spans. If your choice of an internet listing service takes a long time to load, potential buyers turn to other sites. Choose an ILS site that loads within the first five seconds.


Potential buyers and renters prefer using an internet listing service site that’s well organized. As a marketer, you should choose an ILS site that presents photos, pricing, links, and descriptions in an organized manner. Well-planned information on an ILS site will help buyers easily find the information they want.

Right Color Contrast

Your ideal web listing service site should use color to enhance beauty and clarity. Make sure it uses the right color contrast to identify the background, pictures, and text easily.

5. Offers Necessary Information

Potential buyers will want to find all the information about the home and property in one place. Choose an ILS site that can include all the necessary information about each home on one web page. Your ILS site should also allow prospects to filter their searches. They’ll look for information such as property types, features, neighborhoods, and price ranges. If you want them to learn more about your properties, ensure your ILS offers high-quality diagrams and engaging descriptions. Your ILS site should also break down property features and amenities to improve searchability.

Final Thoughts

Internet listing service sites come in handy when marketing real estate. As a marketer, your task is to find the best ILS platform to attract more prospects. After attracting their attention with the ILS site, you’ll find it easier to encourage them to buy. Use the above tips and start looking for the best internet service for your real estate marketing.

By Manali