When the weather starts to warm up and the days start to get longer and sunnier, it can only mean one thing- spring is here! The blooming flowerbeds and the cacophony of songbirds tells us that the long dark nights of winter are officially over. But before you bust open your windows to let the fresh nature in, it is also time for another rite of passage- the official spring cleaning. Your house shouldn’t feel like it is stuck with winter blues when the nature around you is blooming. Hence spring cleaning has become a tradition for our homes so that we get to enjoy the best of what the upcoming seasons have to offer without letting dust bunnies and stubborn stains get in between. Although it is a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be difficult. And if you don’t want to tackle the cluttered nooks and clean cobwebs on your own, you can get in touch with a certified Rubbish Junk & Debris Removal Company in Lakewood Colorado, so that the cleaning job can be professionally handled. In this article, we are going to talk about certain tips that can make your spring cleaning session a breeze. 

Easy Tips For Your Spring Cleaning Session:

  • Make a solid plan: The size of your house is not relevant when it comes to spring cleaning. So how do you get started? Bring your pen and paper or create a spreadsheet and list out every room of your house without forgetting the extra spaces like closets, the garage, laundry rooms, and utility rooms. Think and pen down all the tasks you want to include in your spring cleaning checklist, like window treatments, moving or selling extra furniture, cleaning baseboards, and painting the walls. You can also walk through your house while preparing the checklist so that you can remember better. Use the spring cleaning checklist as your starting and ending point at the end of each day during your session.
  • Clear the clutter first: One of the biggest and most essential parts of spring cleaning sessions is getting rid of the clutter. Declutter and organize in the four-step approach- recognize the problem areas, think about why you want to declutter, think about the solutions, and implement them. Sort all the belongings of your house by throwing them in the trash, giving them away, storing them safely, or putting them away. Whether you are planning to donate your box of belongings or planning a yard sale, do it soon- because the longer you sit on it chances are it’s going to go back to where it came from in no time.
  • Go room by room: Tackle your house room by room for deep cleaning. While preparing your master checklist, create a plan for each room so that you can remember the areas that need extra attention and stay focused during the session. While doing so, go for the areas that were neglected over the last season and skip the areas that have been recently renovated or cleaned.
  • Always from top to bottom: It’s always advisable to start from the ceiling down while spring cleaning your home. Tackle each room in a manner where you first dust and clean the ceiling, light fixtures, and molding. This will keep all the debris and dust on the surface below so that you don’t have to re-clean or re-dust your space. You can also use a vacuum with an extension hose to clean the cobwebs from the fans and ceilings. This will save you time and effort. Thereafter, you can continue to wipe down the walls, clean the windows, dust the art and picture frames, and sanitize the light switches and doors.
  • Bring back-up: Turn your spring cleaning session into a household endeavor. Involve everyone to help you clean and move around the furniture as well as to climb ladders and dust fixtures. Assign age-appropriate household chores to everyone so that they feel included and excited. You can also give rewards as incentives at the end of the session and throw in some amazing energetic music during the session. It will make the job easier, be time efficient, and keep you sane.

So spring is officially here. Hence you would naturally want to prettify your indoor and outdoor spaces as there is a fresh breath of air and sprawling greenery outside your home. Although it can feel a little overwhelming at first, studies have shown that spring cleaning sessions can be highly rewarding for your mind as it helps to manage stress. However, you can always maintain a regular cleaning schedule so that every spring you don’t have to deal with stubborn stains and deep cleaning sessions. Hence you can get in touch with a professional cleaning service company that can not only tackle your junk but also help to schedule regular cleanup services year-round.

By Manali