Everyone wants to build their own home and house someday when everything has settled down. You now own a stable job and are a full-grown adult. And now, you want to start a home to call your own.

After the foundations have been laid out, you may think that it’s time to do some interior and exterior designing. However, you can’t seem to quite put a finger on how a house must be designed – because you are a beginner.

Fret not! As you progress into this article, you will find the best guide and tips for designing your house. Keep reading and come upon a realization at the end of the article.

Select Your Bet Decor Theme

Theme, theme, theme. It’s the root of all kinds of design. Every design originates from a specific theme, and it will lead to a series of design processes.

So, if you ever wonder where to start, ask yourself first what theme you should go with.

Most design themes or concepts are first divided into two categories, formal and casual, and they will stem from modern, traditional, vintage, bohemian, and many more themes. You can narrow down your options by deciding on either formal or casual and assess further the sub-themes.

Decide On A Color Palette

After you have decided on a decor theme, you need to decide on a color scheme that will best suit your chosen theme. For example, if you have chosen a vintage-themed design, shades of brown, warm yellow, and white are some of the best. 

Deciding on a color scheme or palette needs some time to finalize. You must assess the theme thoroughly to pick the perfect colors for your house and to avoid regretting it later. One thing to remember all the time is to keep it consistent. 

Avoid having your living room colored with white and other similar hues then have your kitchen colored with warm yellow or something similar.

It will ruin the overall interior design ambiance and look unpleasant to the eyes.  

Here’s a short guide to every feeling a color depicts:

  • Orange – Charismatic
  • Yellow – Friendly, energetic
  • Red – Passionate, Bold
  • Blue – Intelligent, cool, calm
  • Purple – Creative
  • Green – Prosperous
  • White – Pure, innocent, wise
  • Black – Mysterious, simple, confident

Invest In Essential Household Necessities

Now that you are ready with your color scheme along with the theme, it’s time to design your house with the right furniture and other household objects. Sofa, dining sets, lighting, bed, chairs, cabinets, and others are some things you need to have in your house.

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Get To Know The Primary Elements of House Designing

There’s more to themes and color schemes in house designing. It focuses more on detailed elements such as focal points, symmetry, scaling, proportion, balance, and rhythm. 

Symmetrics and asymmetries are all about your chosen theme. For instance, if you happen to pick a traditional-style theme, see that your house will be symmetrical in every corner. There are also houses designed asymmetrically, usually casual-themed houses.

Focal points are the points of your house that will play the role of an eye-catcher. These areas often have more emphasis compared to other parts of the house and this is crucial as well. An example feature of a focal point would be having a fireplace, painting, clock, and many more. 

Scaling is also crucial but this should be noted before constructing the house as it relates to rooms’ sizes.

On the other hand, the proportion is all about how connected and balanced the elements in the house are. Rhythm refers to the progression, order, and repetition of texture, colors, and other house design components.

Do Not Forget The Lighting!

Lighting is just as important as the other components of house design. It plays a big role in creating an ambiance and atmosphere in your home. Your lighting choices may depend on both your personality and chosen theme.

Again, remember to match the color of your lighting to your house theme and color scheme. Look for a LED flood lights manufacturer to provide for your home lighting and make the most out of it while saving money.

More Tips For Designing

There are more tips for further minor designing for your house. Although they are viewed as something minor, a misuse or mistake in designing the small things may greatly affect the overall design of your house.

  • Don’t crowd your place by placing all furniture on the walls
  • Use different textures in different areas (add some rug, paintings, coffee table, etc.)
  • Maximize bare and spacious walls (avoid displaying small decor as it will disrupt the balance and proportion)
  • Install mirrors to maximize natural lighting

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As a beginner, house designing may take a lot of effort and different forms of investment. However, so long as you are eager, you can design your house despite being a novice.

With these tips acting as your aid, you will be able to design your house smoothly. Feel like you’re ready to do some designing now? Start step by step and find your way up to the finish line.

By Manali