Patients who decide to leave medical facilities without notifying staff members about their ideas are probably one of the most annoying problems healthcare institutions and professionals need to deal with. What are patient elopement solutions and how can they help you keep an eye on your hospital?

Patient elopement – what is it?

Officially, patient elopement is defined as a situation when a patient decides to leave a 24 hour health center without notifying doctors about it. As you may guess, such patients aren’t authorized to make such a decision and, according to the doctor’s recommendations, should stay in the hospital.

Due to the fact that the problem started becoming more and more notorious, various healthcare institutions wanted to find a way to monitor patients and their locations.

Patient elopement solutions – the benefits

As you may guess, patient elopement solutions are technologically advanced software applications that makes it possible to locate patients but also to:

  • Improve staff productivity – imagine that as a doctor, you spend 20 minutes looking for a piece of equipment you need for a procedure. Wasting valuable time on searching for objects that should always be on hand isn’t acceptable. Thanks to patient elopement solutions, all staff members can easily locate necessary devices and help more people.
  • Take care of patients more effectively – patients leaving the medical center before they’re officially discharged are one thing but patients that walk around the ward and shouldn’t be doing that because it’s dangerous for them or others is another thing. Thanks to these modern solutions, it’s possible to quickly find patients and prevent problems without forcing people to stay in bed.
  • Improve asset utilization – hospitals usually buy even 20% more equipment than they need only because of the fact that some of it is lost. Patient elopement solutions locate equipment and minimize financial losses.
  • Monitor the entire institution – thanks to modern technology and patient elopement solutions, it’s possible to monitor the entire institution and streamline its operation. Keeping an eye on the situation will allow you to provide more patients with needed care, avoid certain accidents, optimize the operation of the healthcare institution and make sure that all the rooms in the hospital are exploited to the fullest. Read more about mikaela tesla.

The takeaway

Investing in patient elopement solutions is a great way to monitor patients that aren’t able to take care of their own healths, streamline the operation of the healthcare institution and minimize pointless expenses. It’s definitely worth taking a closer look at this option to refine patients’ experiences and avoid some mishaps.

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