Creative Ideas For Gifting Flower Combos

Buying presents for friends is often surprisingly difficult, even when it’s someone you know well. This is especially true if you’re indecisive! It’s also trickier if your friend is the sort of person who simply buys what they want for themselves or prefers not to accumulate a lot of material possessions. So, what do you do if you find yourself in that situation? Don’t buy them a present at all? Of course not! These days there are all sorts of interesting, unusual, and personalized gift options out there – which means you’re sure to be able to find the best present for your friend.

Need some help picking the perfect gift? Here’s some advice on how to choose something they’ll love.

Consider the occasion

To begin with, it can be helpful to use the occasion you’re buying a present for as a guide. For example:

  • If it’s a housewarming gift, choose something to help turn their new property into a home. This could be a houseplant, an oil diffuser, or some art to hang on the walls
  • For a baby shower, you have the obvious option of gifts for your little one. However, you could also choose something to help mom or dad to relax, like spa products or an adult coloring book
  • If your friend has just got a new job, you could theme your gift around work (in a fun way!). This could include fresh coffee beans to ensure they’re ready for their first day, some stationery, or a reusable flask.


Opt for an experience rather than something material

More and more people are choosing to spend their money on experiences rather than material possessions – especially now that the COVID-19 restrictions have eased. If your friend is of a similar mind, why not reflect this in your gift? Event tickets are always a great option, for example, to a music concert, sports game, comedy night, or theater show. If you have similar tastes, you could always get yourself a ticket too. Then you can make a whole day of it together, going out for a meal or drinks first and spending quality time in each other’s company. Other options include a masterclass in a skill they’ve always wanted to learn, a tour of a brewery or winery for those who enjoy a tipple, or a tasting event for foodies.


Make it personal

When it comes to gifts, one of the most important factors is to make them personal. This doesn’t have to mean putting the recipient’s name on it! It simply means that whatever you choose should have thought behind it and be perfect for that person. So, for example, if you know someone who has been feeling stressed out lately, you could get them a gift voucher for a spa day. Another idea is to choose a present that fits your friend’s hobby, whether it’s arts and crafts or a book. For a gift such as jewelry, be sure it matches the recipient’s taste perfectly. If you want to give something extra special, why not create a personalized photo book full of memories of the best times you’ve had together? The options are endless!

By Manali