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Since the advent of the GPS, our lives have changed drastically. Today almost every person using the internet is being tracked with the help of GPS. At a time, people didn’t care about how the GPS tracked them, but with time people became more aware and found the importance of their privacy and anonymity. Today we use the GPS for various purposes, such as finding the nearest coffee shop or finding our nearby friends, but what we don’t want the GPS to do is constantly track us. 

So, changing your phone’s GPS is the only way to evade the clutches of your government or make an online account from a different region. Since the GPS helps us with our everyday tasks, we want it to be extremely accurate, but as we mentioned on some occasions, we want to alter the location where the phone thinks it is situated.

Why Change Your Location?

In this blog, we will help you with ways to change the location of your Android phone; however, before moving any further, let’s take a look at some scenarios where you would want to change your location on an android device.

To Improve Your Online Privacy

The first and most obvious reason most people prefer to change location on their Android device is online privacy. Privacy has become a major concern, and since almost all apps are trying to track you and your activities, it is always better to change location and be more private.

To Get the Latest Updates

Another reason many people prefer changing location on their Android device is that they want to get their hands on the latest updates as early as possible. It’s quite frustrating when an update is released in other regions, but you still have to wait for a few weeks before you can download it. However, by simply changing your location to the place where the update is released, you can easily download it.

To Access Video Streaming Platform

Numerous video streaming platforms have implemented geo-restrictions. Platforms such as Hulu have blocked access from countries other than the US, whereas Netflix and Amazon show different content based on different locations. To overcome these issues, Android users have to change their location.

How to Change Location On Android Devices?

Now that we know why location change is needed on Android devices let’s look at how you can change location on your Android device.


Using a VPN, like a Chrome VPN Extension, is hands down the most effective way for an internet user to change his geographical location. A virtual private network helps change your location by masking your IP address. A VPN masks an IP address by changing it completely; this change of IP address makes it look like it’s from a different location. However, you must ensure that the VPN you choose is not any VPN but a premium one. A robust VPN, like Ivacy VPN, can effectively change the location on your Android device.

Here are some steps to change location on an Android device with a VPN.

  1. Download a trusted VPN
  2. Buy its subscription
  3. Change the location
  4. Click on Connect 
  5. Enjoy surfing the internet in a different location

Download A GPS Changing Application

Please use a VPN as virtual private networks not only change the location on your device but also provide an added layer of security through encryption. However, an alternative to the VPN is a mock GPS application; a mock GPS application is also known as the GPS emulator. You can find such apps easily on the play store and download them. These apps provide an interactive that lets you set whatever location you want.

Here are the steps required to change the location on your android device with a mock GPS application.

  1. Download any mock GPS app from the play store
  2. Go to your device settings
  3. Find about the phone and tap on the build number seven times; doing this would enable the developer options
  4. Now, go back to settings and tap developer options
  5. Select the mock location app option and check your GPS-changing app
  6. Now you can virtually travel anywhere you want


Here is some frequently asked question about the steps mentioned above.

Is Using a VPN Legal?

It is said that everyone has the right to browse privately; however, since governments can’t monitor your activity, many countries have banned VPNs. Using a VPN depends on the country you’re from and the VPN you choose.

Is Developer Mode Safe to Turn On?

It is completely safe to turn on developer mode on your android device. However, it is recommended that you don’t play around much in the developer options unless you know what you’re doing because developer options are hidden for a reason. 

How to Undo Mock GPS settings?

To undo mock GPS settings, you must go back to developer options on your Android device and toggle the mock settings off.

By Manali